Lawn: ‘Essential’ way to help ‘thicken’ grass and maintain ‘fabulous’ green colour

How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

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Lawns need extra care during the summer months including mowing and feeding regularly. According to one expert, lawns can “quickly bounce back” from heavy usage with simple steps. Carlos Real, Lawn Care Expert and Managing Director of TotalLawn, said: “As we enter summer, our lawn care focus should shift from getting the garden of your dreams, to actually maintaining it.

“The warmer months are what you’ve worked hard for, but you don’t want heavy foot traffic to damage all the progress you’ve made.

“To stimulate grass growth and keep your lawn looking fabulous, you should be mowing regularly, even as much as every two to three days.

“With more hours of sunlight, your grass will grow quicker, and the longer it is, the harder it is to work to get all the vital nutrients and water it needs to remain healthy.”

Leaving the lawn to grow too long can cause problems in the long run.

It may even result in patchy grass.

The lawn expert added: “Feeding your lawn provides valuable nutrients to the soil that the grass plant can use to grow.

“The more your grass grows, the more nutrients it needs to thrive, therefore selecting the right fertiliser is essential.

“Choosing a high nitrogen fertiliser is best, as nitrogen supports the growth and colour of the grass, maintaining the green colour you’ve worked so hard to achieve.”

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According to the expert, feeding the lawn can help to “thicken” the lawn.

Maintaining a thick lawn has several benefits including looking aesthetically pleasing as well as producing oxygen.

Mowing the lawn can also help to thicken it.

Carlos added: “As your lawn thickens, it will be able to withstand more foot traffic, so hosting gatherings in your garden doesn’t mean your grass will damage and die.

“You should also be watering your lawn once a week during the summer months, just keep an eye on the weather forecast, as knowing Britain it’ll probably rain more than that anyway.

“Your grass needs water and air to survive, so keeping a constant flow is essential.

“It’s best to avoid watering your lawn any more than once a week though, as to do so risks drowning the grass.

“If your soil becomes too saturated, the excess water will block air from entering the soil, and grass roots need oxygen to breathe.”

The lawn expert also shared top tips on how to revive a trampled lawn.

Eventually all lawns may fail to thrive if constantly in use with foot traffic and furniture.

Carlos said: “If bare patches begin to appear, this is a sign your lawn needs some attention, or a break from the constant foot traffic.

“If you need to oversee, make sure to purchase a hard wearing lawn seed as it is more resilient.

“Generally, it’s best to keep foot traffic to a minimum to prevent your grass from dying, but with regular maintenance and overseeing, you’ll maintain your luscious green grass for the rest of the summer.”

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