Indoor plants need rotating ‘every few weeks’ to help them grow ‘evenly’ – houseplant tips

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Houseplants need a lot of care and attention throughout the year. With winter now behind us, it’s time to give houseplants more regular care. Pruning, watering, feeding and mulching are just some of the ways gardeners can look after their plants.

Plant expert Jane Perrone shared her “quick fixes” for houseplants which can be done in “under five minutes” on episode 213 of her podcast, On The Ledge.

One of the key fixes houseplant owners need to do is rotate their plant every few weeks.

This allows the plant to grow evenly and stops it leaning over on one side.

Jane said: “We all know that plants generally will be stretching towards the light, especially over winter, when light levels tend to be lower.

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“They will be growing in the direction of the light and stretching towards it.

“That can put them on a little bit of an asymmetrical path.

“Now don’t get me wrong, some plants actually look better this way.

“Certainly my Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant) isn’t really turnable.

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“It has a particular way that it wants to go and there’s not much point in turning it.

“Plus, you can do yourself an injury trying to turn such a heavy pot.

“But for most other plants, they will benefit from a turn every now and again.”

Jane said she doesn’t have an exact angle for the plant to be turned each week.

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Keen indoor gardeners should just give them a “little bit of a twist”.

The plant pro said indoor gardeners should aim to do this “every few weeks”.

“That will really help your plant to grow evenly and have a nice shape that really complements the plant,” she added.

While rotating the plant, this is a great opportunity for plant owners to add a bit of cushioning under the plant.

A cork mat, a trivet, an old piece of tile or slate are great ways to cushion the plant while protecting furniture or window sills.

Jane recommended using the cork mats because they absorb water, are soft and can be recycled once they get old or damaged.

Jane’s podcast, On The Ledge, is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Player FM and Overcast.

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