‘Indestructible’ houseplants you can’t kill ‘even if you wanted to’ – ‘thrives on neglect’

Royal Horticultural Society on 'hard to kill' houseplants

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Houseplants add more beauty and comfort to the way people live thanks to their lush green foliage and flowers. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms – there isn’t one area of the house that a houseplant wouldn’t suit. But while, yes, they look amazing, some can be hard to take care of and many first-time houseplant owners find their baby has whittled and died before they know it. Luckily though, there are lots out there which are virtually impossible to kill.

Gardening experts at Balcony Garden Web explained: “There are some houseplants you can’t kill even if you wanted to. 

“They thrive on neglect and will keep the lazy gardener in you happy.”

Mother of thousands 

Growing mother of thousands provides an attractive foliage houseplant.

The gardening experts said: “The mother of millions is quite easy to grow and maintain. 

“This drought-tolerant plant is extremely adaptable to different adverse environments and humid conditions.”

Gardeners will find that growing a mother of thousands is simple and mostly carefree – a worthwhile gardening experience with limited care to keep it under control.

Snake plant 

A snake plant is probably the most resilient of all the houseplants, and still looks good, making it a home decor winner.

One of many from the sansevierias family, snake plants can go up to one month without water.

The experts said: “The architectural elegant appearance of this hard-to-kill houseplant with tall, striped green leaves makes it beautiful to look at. 

“It is quite forgiving and thrives on neglect.”

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Golden pothos 

Another resilient plant, pothos is a beautiful, trailing plant that looks good on top of shelves or other high spots.

With the nickname ‘Devil’s ivy’, this plant has earned a reputation for its ability to withstand pitch black conditions as well as under and over-watering.

The plant experts explained: “This popular houseplant can be seen anywhere thanks to its beautiful appearance and its surviving spirit.

“Pothos manage in a range of extreme conditions and won’t complain.”

Aloe vera

Aloe vera plants prefer to be in indirect sunlight, making it the perfect partner for your desk or bedside table.

For optimal growth, water it a little bit once every week or so.

The gardening experts explained how aloe vera plants are “virtually indestructible”.

They said: “Aloe vera is virtually indestructible in nature and does well in extreme conditions. 

“The fleshy leaves store water like other succulents, so you don’t need to worry about watering.”

Cast iron plant

Cast iron plants thrive when they are in medium to low light conditions.

They come in a range of varieties with spotted or striped leaves for added interest.

The experts added: “Just like the name, this indestructible houseplant is quite strong in nature, and you can’t kill it even if you want. 

“It can withstand low light, humidity, and infrequent watering.”

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