‘Ideal’ position to plant hydrangeas to ‘help them thrive’ in spring

Hydrangeas are known for their delicate pink, blue and white flowers which bloom in mid to late summer. There are a plethora of different varieties including climbers and shrubby hydrangeas. The most popular variety according to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is the Hydrangea anomala subsp petiolaris which is fully hardy.

With summer approaching, many gardeners are looking to plant hydrangeas in their gardens for some summer colour.

With this in mind, Chloe at GetIntoGardening.co.uk has shared her advice for planting, feeding, watering and pruning hydrangeas exclusively with Express.co.uk.

The gardening expert said late April and early May is the “perfect time” to buy and plant hydrangeas.


Those looking to plant in containers will need a slightly larger pot than the one it came in.

The reason for this is that there will be excessive space around the roots which can lead to a water-logged plant.

To prevent this, gardeners will need to increase the size of their pots very gradually and make sure the container or pot has plenty of drainage holes.

When planting hydrangeas, place the plant into the new container with rich, fertile, moist soil.

Chloe continued: “Be careful not to place it deeper than it was in the pot it came in.

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“Give it a good water and add a thin layer of mulch (such as manure or compost) on top of the soil.

“Hydrangeas need to be placed in an area that’s not too sunny, but not too shady either – ideally, your hydrangea should get around four hours of sunlight each day.

“In the spring, you should apply a general slow-release fertiliser to help them thrive.”

Feeding and watering

In the spring and summer months, as a general rule, plants need watering more and feeding regularly to encourage growth and flowering.

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Hydrangeas need lots of water and will “wilt” if they’re not getting enough of it.

However, Chloe warned gardeners, “try not to let them get to this stage, though”. In the spring months, hydrangeas need to be watered “at least once per week”.

She added: “In the height of summer, or during any period of hot weather, water them once every day.

“I like to add a liquid feed once a week during spring and summer.”


When it comes to pruning, hydrangeas need a trim in early spring but don’t require an autumn prune – and for good reason.

Chloe explained: “In terms of pruning, don’t be tempted to cut off the dried flower heads in the winter.

“They actually serve a purpose – they protect the new buds from frost.

“But, by the early spring, you can remove the head and cut them back to the first strong, healthy pair of buds.”

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