How to keep garden weeds at bay using ‘lasagna’ hack – a step-by-step guide

Gardening expert demonstrates how to get rid of weeds

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The spring sunshine and toasty temperatures are the perfect time to get into the garden and help your flowerbeds bloom. However, the warmer weather also provides the perfect breeding ground for pesky weeds, which can spring up around your beloved plants and flowers.

Although there are numerous weed-busting pesticides available to buy, some gardeners prefer to keep things organic in their garden.

This is where homemade weed-busting hacks step in, with some rather unusual ones claiming to stop weeds from attacking your green space.

According to Jill Nystul, the voice behind home and lifestyle website OneGoodThingJillee, “newspaper lasagna” is a homemade method that can “help keep plants free from weeds and soil-borne diseases”.

She said: “Believe it or not, it involves making lasagna.”

However, it isn’t lasagna in the traditional sense, and this certainly isn’t a creation you would like to eat.

Instead, the trick involves using old newspaper and layering it with dirt and mulch to create a biodegradable barrier between your garden plants and any weeds which may crop up.

According to Jill, the newspaper “denies the bad stuff access to sunlight, yet allows rain and air to penetrate the soil”.

This creative hack won’t take long to put in place – just a few minutes – but is said to work wonders for both flowers and vegetables.

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How to make “newspaper lasagna” for your garden

To begin, Jill recommends scooping approximately one inch of soil off the area where you are planning to plant your flowers or vegetables.

Then, place about 10 sheets of newspaper over the area.

Once the newspaper is in place, soak it with water from a hosepipe or watering can, making sure to saturate the area well.

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When the water has been absorbed well, cover the newspaper with a layer of dirt or mulch.

Repeat this step again, adding another 10 sheets of paper, saturating well and layering with dirt.

Jill adds: “If you’re planning on planting in the area where your ‘newspaper lasagna’ is, simply dig a hole with a trowel and place the plant right in. The soaked newspaper is easy to cut through.”

You should try to keep the newspaper about one to two inches away from the stems.

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