How often should you water new turf?

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It is paramount that newly laid turf is not allowed to dry out before it has rooted into your soil – otherwise, you could lose your new turf and a lot of money. Consistently watering your new lawn is the single most important step to ensure you have a long-lasting and beautiful lawn.

How often should I water new turf?

New turf needs to be watered everyday for two to four weeks after it has been laid.

You need to be sure that water is filtering down to the soil beneath it for the turf to stay alive.

Always check that the soil beneath your new lawn is damp. If it is drying, water it immediately.

Why does my new turf need daily watering?

The key to keeping new turf alive is not letting it dry out.

You will need to monitor it over its first four weeks, dependent on the season and weather conditions.

In summer the turf is much more likely to dry out due to increased temperatures, so you need to keep a particularly keen eye on it if you lay it in the summer months.

New turf needs time to create roots in the soil below it.

If you don’t give it an adequate amount of moisture, the leaves and roots will lose bulk and each laying of turf will shrink, making the grass die and the lawn split.

If your turf is on its way out, you will see leaves at the edge of each turf turning yellow and brown.

The grass in the middle of the turf will quickly begin to look patchy and unhealthy.

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Eventually, the grass will die – in hot weather, unwatered turves can be completely dead within 48-72 hours.

Turf suppliers will refuse to refund you if turf dies through lack of water – so you stand to lose a lot if you miss out on waterings.

It is best practice to water either first thing in the morning or late in the evening.

The reason for this is that the air is cooler and the water is less likely to evaporate.

How much water should I give my new turf?

The amount of water your new turf needs depends on a few factors: the weather, your soil type, and the conditions of your garden.

A garden exposed to wind and/or sun will dry out quicker than gardens that don’t get a great deal of either.

Water so that the grass is completely soaked through – it’s okay to have puddles on top which will eventually soak through as well.

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