How long YOU could be waiting for an allotment – staggering data

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With an estimated three million more Brits taking up gardening since the pandemic, the demand for garden space is greater than ever. The race for space has sparked a huge spike in rural living and up-sizing our homes, but for those stuck in flats and cities, allotments have filled the void. New data has revealed the shocking waiting times to rent allotments across the UK, and this is what you can expect in your area.

Data gathered by MyJobQuote from a Freedom of Information request has unveiled the staggering waiting times for allotment plots across the UK.

The survey which covered 302 local authorities across the country has shown that London Boroughs dominate the top 10 longest average waiting times.

In the Northwest London district of Camden one budding gardener was reported to have waited a whopping 6,690 days before getting his plot.

With over 100,000 Brits waiting for an allotment space, the demand which has risen by over 200 percent doesn’t appear to be tapering off any time soon.

Where has the longest waiting times?

It’s no surprise that the London Borough of Camden came out on top for the longest waiting times – thanks to the man who waited 6,690 days.

The staggeringly long wait is equivalent to 17.5 years, so don’t expect a quick turn around if you’re based in the borough and are wanting an allotment.

In a close second came East Lothian Council in Scotland, with an average waiting time of 15 years.

The data published revealed that the councils with the longest allotment waiting times are:

  1. London Borough of Camden – 17.5 years
  2. East Lothian Council – 15 years
  3. London Borough of Islington – 13 years
  4. London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and Wandsworth – 11.1 years
  5. Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council – 10 years
  6. Ards and North Down Borough Council – 10 years
  7. Derbyshire Dales – nine years
  8. City of Edinburgh – 8.7 years
  9. West Dunbartonshire – eight years
  10. Monmouthshire Council – eight years

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Council waiting lists across the country are experiencing huge volumes of residents signing up for allotment spaces.

North Tyneside was at the bottom of the top 10 waiting lists in the UK with just 2,280 people patiently awaiting their rented garden space.

Nottingham City Council topped the list with more than 6,800 people pending on an allotment space.

With a clear trend of city spots topping the charts for the longest waiting times, it seems that the backlog of aspiring gardeners is only growing with time.

Why are allotments in such high demand?

The links between gardening and improved mental health have been put into stark focus since the pandemic forced the nation to stay home.

Mental health was even a hot topic of discussion at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, at the heart of many of the show’s designs.

Turning to the refuge of the great outdoors, it seems a trend in garden renovations and DIY tricks has maintained the spike in our love for gardening.

With more than half of allotment spaces being used by women, it seems the modern landscape of gardening is a multigenerational and diverse one.

Not only is gardening known for its mental health benefits but also the physical and environmental advantages which come with the UK’s greener outlook on life.

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