Houseplants: Best plants for kitchens that need ‘very little care’ – ‘great for beginners’

Houseplants: RHS advises on watering techniques

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Adding houseplants to most rooms is a great way to add colour and refresh a space. However, some houseplants will suit some rooms more than others. Plants that love humidity are more likely to thrive in bathrooms and kitchens.

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While those that love shade are more likely to prefer a bedroom.

Now, houseplant experts at Bloom and Wild have shared the top 10 houseplants that will thrive in kitchens.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are a firm favourite among houseplant owners.

They can be put in most areas of the home like on a worktop or on a windowsill.

Snake plants are best known for their dark green, pale green and yellow sword-shaped leaves.

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The houseplant experts said this plant needs “very little care” and prefers to be left alone.

They continued: “This means they’re great plants for beginners or for busy people who don’t want a high-maintenance plant.

“All they need is water once every few weeks.”

Peace lily

Peace lilies have a pretty appearance and are easy to care for, which makes them a great addition to most kitchens.

These plants have glossy, dark green leaves and will produce white flowers under the right conditions.

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Peace lilies like a sunny spot and can help to purify the air and get rid of pollutants.

Golden Pothos

The golden pothos is one of the “most popular” plants for kitchens.

It’s a popular choice because it’s a survivor which makes it perfect for forgetful people.

The experts at Bloom and Wild said: “The golden pothos can survive with little water, in low-light conditions and varying levels of humidity.

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“So what’s not to love? But don’t worry, if they’re unhappy they’ll let you know.

“With hardy, trailing leaves they know how to make a statement and add some drama to any space.

“Stick the pothos on top of a cabinet or on a shelf and watch it grow!”

ZZ plant

The zz plant is another plant which can purify the air around you.

It’s a member of the same family as the peace lily and is really easy to look after.

It won’t need watering that often – just once every two weeks – and loves a shady spot in a kitchen.

Chili plant

Those who love spicy dishes may wonder why they haven’t grown a chilli plant before.

They’re a lot easier to grow than most people realise and will provide keen cooks with plenty of spice.

The plant is green and leafy and produces small, pretty white flowers.

These flowers then turn into delicious little chilies.

The plant needs watering once or twice a week.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are a popular plant that look great hanging from somewhere.

They’re well-known for forming baby snake plants on long stems too which can then be pinched off and planted somewhere else.

Spider plants can thrive in sun or shade and need occasionally watering and pruning.

These can also help purify the atmosphere around it can help remove odours, fumes and pollutants from the air.

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