Houseplant expert shares warning over repositioning plants: ‘The plant will go into shock’

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Houseplants are a great way to add colour and a touch of nature to neutral decor. Large tropical leaves, trailing vines and spiky succulents can be the perfect home accessory. However, positioning your plants in a visually appealing way could be critical to your plant’s health.

Too much sunlight can lead to scorched leaves while not enough light can lead to leaf discolouration and stunted growth.

Now the clocks have gone back an hour and the mornings are light once again, it may be worth repositioning your plants so they can take full advantage of the daylight.

CEO of independent houseplant site Friends or Friends, Silver Spence, spoke exclusively to about where to reposition your plants.

Silver explained that one of the worst spots for your plants is on a window sill which has a radiator below it.

She said: “A lot of people have their radiators right below their window and that creates a sort-of microclimate.

“On top of that, there’s going to be a really high difference in temperature.

“You’re going to have the cold coming in from the window and then you’re going to have the heat coming in from the radiators.

“Your plant will go into shock.”

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Surprisingly, it’s not the cold that will have the worst impact on the plant but the difference between the two temperatures.

Silver said plants can actually get used to cooler temperatures because they will “just go dormant”.

“It’s mainly being between both temperatures that is not allowing it to fulfil whichever direction it wants to take,” she explained.

“I would 100 percent recommend you reposition your plants to a position where they are far enough from the heat that it won’t cause any burning, drying or anything like that.”

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So where is the best spot for your houseplant?

Silver said if your plant can see a window in a room, it will be happy.

The plant pro added: “Close enough to the window where they can still see the sky.

“If you can see the sky then the plant will be happy.”

Some plants may have specific positioning needs so it’s always best to research your plant before making a decision.

Friends or Friends is the UK’s number one destination for baby plants.

They’re a small independent company bringing affordable houseplants to your doorstep – because plants are friends.

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