Homemade ‘concoction’ keeps cut flowers ‘free from bacteria’

M&S demonstrates how to trim a new flower bouquet

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Mother’s Day falls on March 19 this year which is just days away. Cut flowers are a popular gifting option for Mother’s Day as they not only look beautiful but smell divine. While they do look stunning, unfortunately, cut flowers do not last long and can quickly fade, turning into a mess of spent petals.

In fact, the average cut bouquet of flowers only lasts around one week.

However, there are a number of ways you can extend the lifespan of bouquets of flowers so you get the most bang for your buck.

The experts at Funky Pigeon have shared their advice for making flower arrangements last longer.

How long do flowers last?

How long flowers last will depend on the type of plant and how well you look after them.

On average, bouquets last between five and seven days while some can last for up to 10 days before they start wilting.

Trim stems

Most flower bouquets will have trimmed stems, however, you must not be tempted to put them straight into a vase as the bottom of the stem will have sealed up since they were last cut.

They need to be cut again in order for them to effectively absorb water. To do this, trim one to two inches off the end of each steam.

Garden shears are best for this task, but kitchen scissors or a sharp, clean knife can also be used.

Cut them at an angle so the stems can absorb water more easily and so they can rest flat against the bottom of the vase.

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Try not to crush or teat the stems as this will restrict the plant’s ability to absorb water.

Remove extra leaves

Remove additional leaves from the stems when you’re trimming them.

Foliage that’s submerged under the water in the vase “encourages microbial growth that will clog your flowers’ stems and prevent them from absorbing water”.

The water can also become cloudy if leaves are submerged under the water for too long.

Use flower food

Most bouquets come with flower food which should be used to keep your flowers thriving.

Flower food usually contains three ingredients – citric acid, which reduces the water’s pH level, sugar, which functions as the actual food in the mix, and bleach which kills off bacteria.

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Make sure to only use the plant food as directed.

Try using lemonade and bleach

If you don’t have flower food, you could try using a homemade concoction instead.

The experts said: “A concoction of sugary soda and a bit of bleach will help mimic the contents of flower food.

“The soda provides the sugar needed to feed the flowers and the bleach keeps the water free from harmful microbes and bacteria.

“Use clear sodas such as non-diet lemonade (which should also contain citric acid too) by mixing one part soda with three parts water.

“Then add a few drops of bleach. Take precautions not to use too much bleach as it might discolour the flowers’ stems.”

Choose a dark glass or ceramic vase

Darker glass or ceramics block natural sunlight which will stop the water heating up and delay the stems from decaying and the blooms from wilting.

Keep flowers cool

Flowers need to be kept in a cool spot away from direct sunlight. They also need to be positioned away from a fireplace or a radiator.

Change your water regularly

To keep your flowers looking “fresher for longer”, it’s recommended you change the water every couple of days.

As flowers start to die they release a gas called ethylene which causes them to “age faster” and their lifespan to be shorter.

This is the same gas bananas produce that causes them to ripen fruit in the same bowl as them.

Regularly changing the water and removing flowers that look wilted will see them last longer.

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