Home and Away spoilers: Suspects revealed in Who Killed Susie murder mystery

Caution: The following contains spoilers at Australian pace

Recent Home and Away scenes in Australia have seen the Bay rocked by the shock discovery of a body in the water. New senior constable Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) is at the scene to investigate, and the body is identified as being that of con artist Susie McAllister (Bridie Carter).

The news has triggered a murder investigation, and Cash is now looking into all the people who had motive to kill Susie. The list is pretty long – so who is most likely to be behind the crime? Here are the top five theories.


Irene (Lynne McGranger) has plenty of reasons to hate Susie. Not only did the con artist try to poison her during a forced dinner at Salt with John (Shane Withington), she also chloroformed her during her getaway, leaving Irene passed out on the floor. Although her finances are intact – unlike those of John, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) – her health was put at serious risk whenever she crossed paths with John’s love interest.

We know that Irene is close with John, as the pair have been friends for many years. Could Irene have decided to protect both herself and her friends by getting rid of Susie, hoping that nobody would find out? It would explain why Irene has never been keen on Leah trying to track Susie down…


In some ways, John has been the most severely affected by Susie. Not only was his bank account cleared out by the villain, but he developed feelings for the woman and even welcomed her into his home. It appeared that Susie would stop at nothing to con John out of his money, even if that meant sleeping with him and pretending to be affectionate.

John has recently been texting with Susie, so did he go off to meet her in secret – without Leah or Stephen being aware – and let his anger over the heartbreak get the better of him? While John is generally a gentle man, he has been prone to erratic outbursts in the past.


Leah is arguably the most unlikely person to have done away with Susie – she has no history of violence and is often seen as the peacemaker. However, Susie destroyed her chances of getting a house with Justin and cleared out her life savings, so could this level of wrongdoing have pushed Leah over the edge?

We know that Leah has been determined to track Susie down, spending countless hours on the scammers forum to find leads. Did she find a secret lead that she told nobody about and plot to make Susie pay for what she’s done? Stranger things have happened in the Bay!


Those who have been watching Justin’s decline lately may be able to pin him down as a suspect. His painkiller addiction has left him increasingly volatile, with scenes this week showing Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) looking on in horror as he screams down the phone and smashes a mug against the wall.

In the immediate aftermath of Susie disappearing, Justin was furious and focused on getting justice. Then, as time went on, he calmed down – is this because he dealt with Susie and then tried to forget about it? Has his painkiller addiction partly come about as a way for him to distract himself from what he’s done?


We don’t know much about Stephen (Bren Foster) as he’s so new to the Bay. While he has come across as a calm, gentle and level-headed person, he is still a stranger compared to the others. All we know is that he was also scammed by Susie, so he has just as much reason to want revenge.

In fact, Susie’s scams led to the breakdown of his marriage and his career being left in tatters, so with his life being ruined, perhaps he wanted her to pay the ultimate price? It would explain why he advised Leah to slow down the search. Perhaps he could be the one sending texts pretending to be Susie to have people convinced she’s still out there…

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