Home and Away spoilers: Irene faces jail after huge setback?

Irene (Lynne McGranger) has been fraught with nerves and anxiety in the run-up to her court date in the aftermath of attacking Tommy (Adam Sollis). She gets news from her lawyer which makes the situation worse – the date has been set for four weeks time, which gives them barely any time to prepare.

Bella (Courtney Miller) overhears Irene on the phone to her lawyer and is rattled. Irene does her best to reassure her, saying that giving a written statement or testifying via video link may help just as much as being there.

Wanting to help Irene, Bella says she will testify, but hides her true feelings about reliving what happened with Tommy. After drowning her sorrows at a big party Ryder (Lukas Radovich) held and ending up too drunk to get home, Colby (Tim Franklin) is furious to discover her in Ryder’s bed in the morning.

However, when Dean (Patrick O’Connor) goes to confront Ryder and ask if he did anything, he insists he didn’t – instead saying that she was on a mission to keep drinking so she didn’t have to feel stressed out. Dean believes him and calls Colby, saying there’s something more serious going on than just teen drinking.

When Colby sits down with Bella, she reveals that Irene came over and said the lawyer revealed she has to testify in court – but whenever she thinks about it, she feels sick. While she wants to help Irene, she’s also scared.

Realising how much the thought of testifying is impacting his little sister, Colby goes to find Irene in the diner. He says that Bella isn’t ready to speak in court. Irene says she’ll call the lawyer to see if they can find a way to make it less traumatic for her, but Colby makes his point clear – she can’t testify in court, full stop.

Irene says she understands, but later on, after speaking to her lawyer, she’s left looking fraught. Leah asks what’s wrong and Irene says the lawyer believes that without Bella’s testimony against Tommy, she’s in real trouble…

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