Home and Away spoilers: Ava confronts Leah and Justin in heated showdown

Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) have decided that it’s the right time for them to introduce Ava to their new relationship, and while Leah was the one who suggested it, she’s left feeling nervous about the weekend ahead. She’s keen to come up with a range of activities that a ten year old girl would love, but Justin says she doesn’t need to worry as everything will go fine.

When Justin returns from the city with Ava, it’s clear his daughter has no interest in meeting Leah. However, she is enthusiastic about seeing Tori (Penny McNamee) and Buddy the dog. When she asks to see Mason (Orpheus Pledger) at work, she’s disappointed when Leah joins them. At the juice bar, Leah offers to buy Ava a juice, but she refuses, changing her mind only to keep Leah away from her for a little while.

Ava wants to go for a swim, but when Justin says they have to wait for Leah, Ava is sulky, asking why they have to spend time with her. Back at home, Leah makes a big lunch and invites Ava out to the garden in an effort to bond with her. However, Ava clearly isn’t interested – and when Justin goes inside, she gives her food to the dog.

Leah asks Ava why she did that, but after denying it happened, the ten year old then says it was an accident. Trying again to get to know Ava, Leah brushes the incident aside, but Ava tells her that none of Dad’s girlfriends last – and she’s not going to be any different.

After venting to Roo (Georgie Parker) about her issues with Ava, Leah turns up at the Morgans the next day with the supplies to tie dye. Ava is excited to get involved, but when she goes inside for a while, she returns to see Justin and Leah kissing. Getting angry, Ava starts yelling, and Justin returns fire…

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