Home and Away return for Robbo after Jasmine takes action?

Out on the pier later on, Colby thanks Jasmine again for her work and says she’s a special person. Although he has left a final voicemail for Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer), expressing his regret for what he did to Ross and saying goodbye once and for all, he tells her not to give up hope with Robbo.

Jasmine is left with food for thought, after Colby’s words lead to her to believe she shouldn’t give up on the relationship until she’s completely sure it’s over. She leaves a voicemail for Robbo, admitting she still loves him and holding onto a tiny bit of hope that Colby has reignited within her.

As time goes on, she is increasingly distracted, wondering if Robbo will get back to her after she put herself out there and declared her love. She confides in Irene (Lynne McGranger) about the situation, saying she wishes she knew where she stood. Irene advises that Robbo’s lack of response is an answer in itself. Is there any hope for Jasmine and Robbo’s relationship, and will he ever return to Summer Bay?

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