Home and Away passion for Ziggy and Dean?

A love triangle has been emerging between Dean (Patrick O’Connor), Willow (Sarah Roberts) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) since Willow spotted the pair getting closer and realised she was jealous. Her jealousy led to her confessing her feelings during a night out, but Dean said there was nothing between him and Ziggy, and he wasn’t looking for a relationship.

Dean and Willow see Maggie (Kestie Morassi) and Ziggy arguing outside the surf club, and Willow encourages him to go and check on her. He comments that Ziggy looks a little rough around the edges, and she admits she only had a few hours of sleep.

Later, Willow is dejected when she asks Dean if he wants to get dinner and he says he already has plans to have pizza with Ziggy. At the caravan park, Ziggy struggles to stay awake, and Dean offers to take her home. However, Ziggy still wants to avoid Maggie, so Dean suggests she spends the night at his place.

Meanwhile, Colby (Tim Franklin) and Willow discuss Dean, and Colby suggests that she should fight for him if she wants to be with him. Left with food for thought, Willow thinks about what the best plan of action is.

In the morning, Ziggy wakes up in Dean’s bed. Dean is making her breakfast outside, and Ziggy is happy she spent the night there. However, Willow is approaching the caravan park, determined to see Dean and confess her feelings again.

Willow sees Ziggy emerging from Dean’s van, and is stunned. She backs off and leaves before either of them notice her. Have Ziggy and Dean slept together?

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