Highlandcore is the regal countryside-inspired interiors trend we can’t get enough of

This cosy interiors trend takes inspiration from shows like The Crown and extravagant country homes set in the British countryside.

At this time of the year, there are a few things that are important to us – and one of them is warmth. Keeping toasty with a blanket wrapped around us and sipping on a hot cup of tea from an oversized ceramic mug is one of the many pleasurable experiences when battling cold weather conditions for months on end – and Highlandcore is bringing that cosy feeling to the masses.

Taking inspiration from The Crown, Highlandcore is the comfy interiors trend to try this winter, thanks to the warm hues and tartan galore.

“Highlandcore is the ultimate trend this winter as it evokes a sense of warmth, status and getting closer to nature,” says Amy Wilson, from BBC Interior Design Masters and interior designer for 247 Blinds & Curtains.

“From natural earthy tones in traditional browns and greens, we’ve seen a big uplift in our tartan ranges across both blinds and curtains.”

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Wilson adds that people should expect to see more vintage furniture in a variety of woods as well as “comforting elements from woodburners to sheepskins and wool blankets”.

If you’re interested in achieving the Highlandcore look in your home, interior design experts have shared their insights on how to achieve the look this winter.

Bring the outside in

Highlandcore speaks to a certain grandeur which is usually associated with ornate detailing and displays of objects from the natural world. While the stag is one of the most prolific motifs, there are a number of other ways to show an appreciation of Scottish fauna.

Andrea Waters, head of brands at Portmeirion, says: “While furniture is usually the focal point of any room, it is the small furnishings which accentuate the room’s aesthetics. Be sure to pay close attention to these accessories to craft a harmonious interior theme.”

“Try weaving animal ornaments and patterns in a more modern way. The kitchen is the perfect room to lean into this subtle styling, giving you the freedom to easily adapt your design choices through the patterns on your crockery or tea towels, for example.”

“A patterned mug, such as this Wrendale highland cow design, is a charming way to carry the trend throughout your home.”

Highlandcore: Scottish fauna is a perfect way to incorporate the Highlandcore trend

Weave tartan into your everyday space

Maryanne Cartwright, head of design at luxury wallpaper and paint specialists at Graham & Brown, says the Highlandcore aesthetic nods to royalty and the extravagant country homes set in the British countryside.

“Tartan prints have had a revival as people turn to more traditional and nostalgic elements to make their homes feel more cosy and inviting,” says Cartwright.

“This classic pattern is one that has a timeless quality and can elevate a traditional scheme as well as provide an interesting contrast in a more contemporary home. There are a number of ways to blend tartan prints and patterns seamlessly into your existing interior space, but it’s important you choose the right colourways that will complement the rest of your room.”

Highlandcore: add some tartan soft furnishings to your home to get the Highlandcore feel

Cartwright advises that for those who have light and neutral tones in their existing decor, you can make a statement with any statement tartan fabric in darker shades.

“Consider the bolder and more traditional colour combinations such as contrasting reds and greens.”

Bring in brass

“When decorating a room to a particular theme, it’s important not to skim over the finer details,” says Paul McFadyen, metals specialist and chief executive at Metals4U. “For instance, the hardware of your home can really make all the difference in cohesively bringing a room together. To match the inviting colour scheme associated with the Highland aesthetic, think about including warm-toned metals in your hardware, such as brass.”

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McFadyen suggests introducing brass features into your room through handles, switches and lampshade bases.

“Furthermore, choosing a brushed brass finish over a polished one will help to achieve a vintage look, which will elevate the space and add a sense of opulence and regality.”

Now you can transform your home into the Highlandcore haven you desire – happy redecorating!

Images: 247 Blinds & Curtains

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