HGTV's Brady Bunch House Renovations Will Cost Over $350K—See the Proposed Changes

HGTV is ready to shell out some money for the renovations of the Brady Bunch house!

The network placed the winning bid of $3.5 million on the famous TV home — beating out other prospective buyers, including former *NSYNC star Lance Bass — and announced they would be “restoring the home to its 1970s glory.” The house served only as the facade of the Brady home from 1969 to 1974. All interior shots were filmed on a sound stage, so the home currently looks nothing like the house Brady Bunch fans know and love inside.

HGTV plans to change that, undertaking a massive renovation to make the interiors of the real house match the floor plan from the show.

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On Nov. 1, the six Brady siblings who starred on the show reunited for the first time in 15 years to kick off filming for A Very Brady Renovation, which will premiere on HGTV in 2019. As part of the celebration, the cast announced their plans to participate in the redo, with each actor pairing up with designers from the network’s hit shows to restore the home inside and out.

So far, HGTV has filed at least two permits for work they plan to complete on the house. The cost to file the permits totaled $19,341.36, while the total cost of renovations on the Brady family home is currently estimated at $352,000, according to official city records first reported by The Blast and obtained by PEOPLE.

A technical drawing of the property with markings of their plans was also included in the filing.

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The network filed an application permit on Oct. 31, seeking permission to work on the “interior kitchen model/repair (no changes in walls or openings),” according to the filing. The papers indicate the cost of this particular project will be $2,000.

On Nov. 5, they filed a second permit for renovations on the iconic home. These proposed changes involve a “major interior remodel”: adding 40’9” X 24’8″ of ground floor space for a new kitchen and family room with 8’3” x 24’8” covered patio, as well as a 63’6″ X 24’8” second-floor addition for new bedrooms.

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Maureen McCormick, 62, who played Marcia Brady on the beloved series, spoke to PEOPLE exclusively about her involvement in the project. “You know when there are times in your life where everything comes together and it just feels like it was so meant to be and everything feels right? That’s how this feels,” she said. “It’s so perfect.”

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