Get ‘stronger’ grass with summer lawn care tasks that keep it ‘feeling healthy’

Lawn care changes with the seasons when the green blades have different needs to stimulate growth.

In the summer months when the weather is typically warmer and more dry, watering is essential to encourage the grass to grow.

But it’s not the only gardening task that needs to be kept on top of to keep lawns in good condition later in the year.

Matt Adams, lawn care expert and founder of The Relentless Gardener, said: “August is the prime time for enjoying our lawns, but it also provides the perfect opportunity to get ahead with our lawn care regimes.

“This month should be spent focusing on keeping the lawn looking and feeling healthy, but also preparing for the autumn months ahead!”

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One thing many people fail to consider is exactly how quickly a healthy lawn regenerates in summer, which means that it needs to be mowed more often as a result.

Matt explained: “During the month of August, if you’re watering your lawn regularly you’ll find that your grass is growing quickly.

“While this is a good thing, you’ll need to make sure you keep an eye on its growth, as you don’t want to let your grass get too long.”

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He continued: “If you leave your grass too long then the root system will have to work harder and if it needs to work harder, it means the grass plant needs more nutrients and water than if it was shorter.”

Feeding is another essential step in summer lawn care, and according to Matt, there’s one formula that trumps them all.

The gardening expert claimed that everyone should be feeding their lawn with a fertiliser that contains a high level of seaweed.

He explained that this “helps with turf hardiness and protects it from the increased foot traffic”, which is ideal for active family lawns.

Matt added: “In return your grass will grow quicker and stronger, ensuring it is protected at all costs. Seaweed also increases the biodiversity of the soil, meaning better overall root health.”

Adequate sunlight is another crucial ingredient for luscious grass, so it’s important to look around the garden for any obstacles – specifically trees and shrubs.

The lawn expert said: “Not only do unpruned trees and shrubs take light away from the lawn, but they can also take away airflow. This can cause lawn rust, where the tips of the grass plant go a yellow, rusty colour.

“Unfortunately, there aren’t any products that can cure lawn rust but don’t worry as it will eventually grow out with regular mowing and better airflow.”

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