Gardening expert predicts ‘huge flower glamour’ and ‘bigger roses’ at Chelsea Flower Show

Carol Vorderman on designing at the Chelsea Flower Show

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Up-and-coming gardener and florist Arthur Parkinson has shared his predictions for this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. Arthur, who is the protégé of gardener Sarah Raven, said he thinks the show will showcase the practicality and beauty of the garden. This year, the Chelsea Flower Show will be running in September for the first time in the show’s history.

Arthur thinks this could mean both the garden and kitchen are celebrated with their being a focus on “organic growing”.

For urban gardeners, this could mean that there will be plenty of inspiration on what to grow in window boxes and by the doorstep.

Arthur added: “As ever with Chelsea, we’ll see this gardening practice showcased in its boldest form, so I am hoping to see some Cinderella-type varieties of blushed pumpkins too.”

Autumn is a great time of year for showcasing bright flowers and plants.

September, in particular, is the perfect month for adding vibrancy and colour to a dense, green garden.

Arthur products this year’s show will showcase autumn’s “huge flower glamour”.

The gardening expert said this year’s show could be a “real floral jungle with popping primary colours”.

He continued: “I’m expecting crocosmia, gladioli, several half-hardy annuals and dahlias to be at large.

“I also hope that berries and fruit get crowning glory – I’d love to see the grand pavilion filled with country orchard cottage inspired displays, complete with blackberry filled hawthorn hedges – I’m sure the resident blackbirds will appreciate that!”

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The gardening expert said this year’s show also poses an opportunity to raise awareness of protecting wildlife.

Pollinators like bees thrive off nectar-rich flowers, long grasses and wild flowers.

Arthur said he hopes flowers like single bishop dahlias, which are great for pollinators, are “given a spotlight”.

He continued: “Autumn is the last feast for bees and butterflies.

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“There is still a perception that planting for wildlife is messy and complicated when it doesn’t need to be.

“If more gardeners were to plant single faced flowers that are rich in nectar, a huge difference would be made in helping to halt the biodiversity decline.”

Arthur said he’s also hoping an “often-forgotten” aspect of gardening will be celebrated this year.

Soil and composting may seem like the less glamorous side of gardening but Arthur claimed it’s “suddenly trendy”.

He also said composting has become “very in vogue” thanks to the Land Gardeners.

“I’d hope we might see more of this often-forgotten part of gardening this year,” he added.

Roses, which are more likely to be on their second flowering, could also be in for a “good show”, according to Arthur.

He predicted: “I’m expecting good things from David Austin and other growers because the roses will be taller and bigger than usual!”

Arthur Parkinson will be reporting live from the Chelsea Flower Show.

The show will take place from September 21 to September 26, 2021.

Arthur will also be producing a large-scale floristry centrepiece that reveals Sarah Raven’s spring 2022 collection for the Gaze Burvill exhibition.

Gardeners can hear more from Arthur Parkinson on the podcast, “Grow, cook, eat, arrange”.

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