Gardening: Dick Strawbridge shares warning over planting mint herbs – ‘pain in the neck!’

Dick Strawbridge shares his tip for planting herbs

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Escape to the Chateau star Dick Strawbridge and his wife Angel Adoree partnered with Homebase earlier this year to help Britons transform their gardens and homes. The “Give it a go” series on YouTube includes videos on how to create a raised bed and how to use a tape measure. One of the videos from April 2021, sees Dick explain how to plant mint – as well as share a warning about the herb.

He planted the herb along with other salad leaves in April ready to harvest now and later this summer.

He said: “First thing I’m putting in is a mint. You should only ever have to buy mint once.

“It lasts forever and it spreads like a weed.

“If I was to take this out and plant it in here, two years from now there would just be mint and it would be a real pain in the neck.

“A weed is a plant where you don’t want it.

“So we need to have this behave itself and that’s why I’ve got another pot.”

Dick said he is using a second “bigger” pot with lots of room in it to plant the mint.

He continued: “Mint spreads by putting little tentacles left and right.

“We want to stop that so what we’re going to do is we’re going to plant it in this box.”

Dick cut the bottom of the pot out so the roots can still spread downwards but not sideways.

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“I don’t mind my roots going down,” he added. “What I do not want is it to go sideways.”

Herbs tend to be placed near pathways or backdoors so they’re more accessible for cooking.

To plant the herb, Dick planted the bigger pot in the soil and then placed soil inside it.

He then made a hole roughly the size of the herb in the soil.

Dick explained further: “To make sure it’s the right size I put my pot in and push it down so the soil level in the pot is the same as the soil level around it.

“I give it a little wiggle when I take it out.

“You see that hole that holds the right size for that plant, isn’t that wonderful?”

To get the plant out its original pot, Dick turned the mint plant upside down and held it around the stalk.

He then gently squeezed the pot and pulled it off.

The mint plant was then placed in the hole Dick made in the second pot.

He pushed a little bit of compost around it to secure it in place.

Dick then shared what he uses the mint herbs for.

He said: “We plant mint for more than lamb. Arthur and Dorothy [Dick’s children] love mint tea.

“They come and pick it all the time. We use it when we’re doing things like greek salads.

“It’s a really lovely melon and mint salad the kids love so you can never have too much mint.

“That’s the first thing planted. I’m sure I should have a cup of tea or something at this stage!”

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