Gardening: Alan Titchmarsh explains how to ‘easily’ fix bare patches in your lawn

Alan Titchmarsh outlines how to fix grass patches

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With the weather warming up, and more Britons spending time sat on their back lawns, it’s only natural that they might start to look a little worn out. Areas where there is heavy footfall or where you regularly hang out the washing may be vulnerable to bald patches. So what can you do about bald patches right in the centre of your lawn?

Gardening expert Alan Titchmarsh has explained that you could just prick the bald patch with a fork and reseed it but that the grass could take a while to grow back now.

He said it’s “much easier” to replace it with a piece of turf that fits “perfectly”.

He said in a video for Waitrose & Partners in 2014: “Take a piece that’s larger than the area that you want to cover, lay it over it and then cut a shape in the middle which you know is going to be larger than that bare patch underneath, and cut right through this rug and through the grass below.”

Alan cut away the excess grass and said you won’t need to keep that.

“You will find that you’ve made the right cut under there,” he added.

Next, he began to remove sections of the bare patch which he carved out from underneath the new turf.

Alan said another way you can get the grass to “absolutely match” is to take a piece from elsewhere in the lawn if you can spare it.

One way of doing this is if you are planning on putting a flower bed in around your lawn.

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The spare turf can be used to fix any bare patches.

If you buy a piece of turf, it won’t “totally match” but it will eventually.

He said: “What you will have to do of course is make sure it’s the right level.

“One thing I can be certain of, is that it absolutely fits like a glove.”

Alan watered the new patch of turf with a watering can.

He added: “So as well as being house proud, try to be a bit garden proud as well.

“With a little nip and a tuck, you can stop it looking like the aftermath of a pop festival and turn it into something rather more defined.”

The video was viewed over 130,000 times and has received a plethora of positive comments from fellow gardeners.

One person said: “That, is absolute genius! This short video has fixed three of my lawn problems. Brilliant. Thanks!”

Another person replied: “Thanks so much for sharing these super simple but so effective tips!”

Another individual commented: “Great tips from a great guy, cheers Alan.”

Alan Titchmarsh: Spring into Summer will air next Monday at 8pm on ITV

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