Gardeners share two ‘vital’ steps to fix ‘horrid’ brown lawn patches

Garden tips: How to maintain your lawn

With summer beginning next month, many gardeners will be carrying out the necessary steps to get their outdoor space looking perfect. One issue they may be facing right now is brown or bare patches in their lawn, which disrupts the whole look of the garden. After one woman took to the Gardening UK Facebook page looking for advice on how to improve her lawn for summer, gardening enthusiasts shared their top tips.

Lizzie Reynolds wrote: “Can anyone help me understand why my lawn is turning brown and bare in some places? 

“Returfed end of March and it’s been fine since then, but after I cut the lawn a week ago, it seems to slowly be dying.

“Complete newbie with lawn care so not sure what I did wrong and how to fix it. Desperately want a nice small lawn for the little one for summer, but no good if it’s half dead.

“Should I get grass treatment? Is there anything I need to put? It’s been watered once a week heavily or been raining so don’t thinks it’s lack of water. Thanks in advance.”

Brown and bare patches can develop due to weather, disease or even because of pets.

To bring it back to life, group members in the comments section suggested that the key way to do this is to water the lawn more and mow it at a certain height.

Izzy Price said: “It’s happening with me but I found in our group page some good ideas.

“I didn’t cut my grass too low, when I mowed too low this is exactly what happened to your grass. 

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“I also watered my lawn daily until my lawn went back to normal. My grass looks much better now and is back on track.”

Jane Scarborough wrote: “Water is vital to new lawns until they get established and so is cutting on the highest mower setting until it’s established. My lawn started improving within just one week. No more horrid brown patches.”

Lizzie responded: “Yes I was cutting on highest setting except for the last two times when it was the middle setting as I wasn’t able to do weekly. Will try to mow weekly on highest setting.”

Alice Miller said: “You just need to cut on the highest setting and give it a good water. It’ll sort it right out.”

Reg Shoe explained: “Longer grass is better at holding water. It just needs to regrow a bit.”

Ben Davis commented: “Don’t know where you are in the country but I’m in Essex and lawn was laid six years ago. I water every day if we get no rain at this time of year.”

Joe Riley advised: “Cut too short and not enough water. Give it a good water every day that it doesn’t rain and stop cutting so short.”

Susan Stanley said: “When you lay a lawn you need to water each day for the lawn to get established. Once it’s growing it will be great. But if you give it a soak when it’s a warm day it will be fine.”

Katherine Foster instructed: “You’ve probably cut it too low. Raise your mower setting as long grass equals long roots and you want that at least until the grass is well established. 

“Water lots – watering very well every other day is better than watering a little daily, you want the water to soak deep down. The grass will recover. My grass guy told me never to use ‘weed and feed’ as it will burn the grass. You can feed but just hand pull any weeds.”

After taking all of the comments on board, Lizzie implemented watering her lawn more and not cutting it too short and saw a massive improvement. 

Posting a picture of her lawn that appeared bright green and full just one week later, Lizzie’s said: “Thank you to everyone who helped me. Looking better already without cutting for weeks and plenty of water.”

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