Gardeners share ‘fantastic’ kitchen item to ‘boost’ plant health

Gardeners may believe that the majority of plants can gain all the nutrients they need from the sunlight they capture or through watering, and although this is true to a certain degree, plants will still need additional fertiliser nutrients to ensure that they are as healthy as can be. If gardeners are all out of their chemical fertilisers, some suggest using banana peels as a “fantastic” alternative. Gardeners suggested this on the Gardening UK Facebook page after one group member wanted to know if banana peels are amazing or a waste of time.

Lola de Miguel wrote: “Can I ask people’s opinions on banana peels fertiliser or banana tea for use in the garden? 

“I’ve seen a lot of people saying it’s amazing and a lot saying it’s a waste of time. I’d really like to try and reduce my kitchen waste in other ways as well, I’ve heard egg shells are good for soil too? Any advice would be much appreciated.”

Bananas are an excellent source of phosphorus and potassium for humans, and their peels do the same for the plants. 

Being nutrient-rich, banana skins make for an excellent source of natural fertiliser for plants and gardens. They provide plants with potassium, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium.

Taking to the comments section, the majority of gardeners were in favour of using banana peels in the garden, claiming that they are particularly great for roses.

Veronica Groom said: “Banana skins high in potassium are great for roses. I just place it around the roots. Be aware that banana skins are a choking hazard for dogs.”

Meina Chance replied: “I tried it last year and my roses were stunning, so giving it another go this year again so I’ll definitely see .”

Gabrielle Mendes commented: “I have been mixing banana peels with the rest of my compost. Now my plants seem much happier this spring.”

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Fong Yau said: “Last year I buried banana peels by my peony and it didn’t seem to make any difference. However, this year it has grown back really strong and has lots of flowering buds.”

Rachel Cohen wrote: “If you have roses, it’ll boost the plant so they will bloom profusely if you give them banana peels. 

“I have a rose growing by my porch and I literally chuck my banana skins out there and the rose is always beautiful.”

Luci Nunes agreed: “Every time I eat a banana goes around the rose bush even in the winter time, not sure if works or not but roses always perform every year with a show of flowers.

“Bananas are rich in calcium and natural sugar which means goodness, so it is up to you really but mine goes in the border not in the rubbish bin, even potatoes peels could be good for the garden.”

In response to Luci, Gillian Neville said: “I’m the same and my roses have marvellous blooms every year. They love potassium.”

Rach Rach said: “I swear by banana peels for success with all of my roses.”

Rose Gillies wrote: “I think banana peel works. My roses looked like they were dying so I dug them up and put banana peel in the soil around them and now they’re growing really well.”

Lauren Jones added: “I find them fantastic, but I don’t like whole banana peels just laying around so I blitz them up with water and pour it on.”

Banana peels provide many of the nutrients that roses need to thrive, plus gardeners don’t need to compost them beforehand.

Speaking to, Angela Slater, gardening expert at Hayes Garden World explained: “Banana peel is high in potassium which is essential for promoting flowering in your roses. It also aids photosynthesis which is the basis of all plant growth. 

“Banana peel also contains sulphur, manganese, calcium and magnesium which are also vital for healthy plant growth.”

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