Gardeners share ‘brilliant’ 39p home item for ‘killing’ patio weeds

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The wet, mild weather is the perfect environment for weeds and moss to thrive. So it’s no surprise that once the wet weather subsides, you might find weeds emerging in your gardens, driveways, patios and paths. One person who is a pro at anything property and garden-related is cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch.

The cleaning influencer, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, often shares gardening, cleaning and DIY content on her Instagram account which has more than 4.6 million followers.

Now, fans of hers have created their own groups dedicated to sharing cleaning and gardening tips.

On one such group, Facebook user Sangita Parmar asked: “I am a novice gardener. I’m cleaning a path, do I put weed killer down first and then weed or the other way round?”

The post was inundated with 127 comments from fellow Mrs Hinch fans but the most suggested comment was to use salt with other items such as washing up liquid and white vinegar.

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Irene Ducros said: “Salt, white vinegar and a little washing up liquid. Google it, it’s brilliant.”

Sam Yates commented: “White vinegar.” Fiona Johns replied: “Salt or bicarbonate of soda. The weeds on my patio haven’t come back.”

Donna Michelle Parry-Wiltshire said: “Salt and boiling water kill the lot and [it’s] free.”

Andrea Parkin suggested: “Pure salt from Aldi.” Stuart Egerton wrote: “Dissolve table salt with boiling water and once cooled add to distilled white vinegar and add washing up liquid and spray over all the weeds that are present.

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“If it rains, repeat again. This organic solution kills both annual and perennial weeds. Jet washing or a bucket of bleach and hot water can be done afterwards once the weeds have died.”

Peter John commented: “Thoroughly jet wash with a decent brand. Mix, let it dry, sprinkle salt into gaps then brush silica sand to fill gaps. Works every time. If using weedkiller, use a herbicide type instead of salt.”

Carol B Jones said: “Jet wash and then put salt diluted in hot water and white vinegar [on them]. Leave for a day or so then brush.”

Most households own salt, however, for those who don’t it can be bought from most local supermarkets or online.

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Asda Table Salt costs 65p and Cook With M&S Table Salt costs 45p.

Sainsbury’s Table Salt costs 65p and Stonemill Table Salt is available to buy for 39p from Aldi.

Other suggestions included using a jet washer, boiling water and a weed burner.

Helen Cherry said: “If you eat things in brine/vinegar (like olives etc), rather than pouring the salt water or vinegar down your sink, pour on the path, it’ll kill the weeds.”

Fiona Kessack-Morrison commented: “I used kettles of boiling water to kill weeds on my patio last week for the first time ever after 20 years of gardening… amazed at this simple solution! This week the driveway is getting the same treatment.”

Julie Barnes replied: “White vinegar and washing up liquid kills all weeds. I don’t use anything else.”

Lucy Love wrote: “Never use weed killer! Not good for nature, you’d get that up with a hard bristle brush or a good scrub hot water/soap and rinse.”

Sheila Tomo Page commented: “Power wash usually brings them out.”

Angela Squire said: “I agree with weeding after wet weather. The weeds look daunting but you’ll be surprised at how easily they come up. I know I am when I have to weed!”

Charlotte Milne replied: “Boiling water kills the weeds.”

Lydia Bower wrote: “I have the burner (£10 from Home Bargains). I love it. Once I start I can’t stop.”

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