Four gardening ‘mistakes’ that will ‘devalue’ your home price

Plant expert reveals UK weed that LOWERS property value

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Just like the location of a property, a garden can make or break a property in the eyes of potential buyers. Not only are they a great area to boost your health and wellbeing, but they also play a vital part in the saleability of a home. Speaking exclusively to Suhail Patel founder of Luxury Screens has shared gardening mistakes that can give a “very negative” first impression and “devalue” a home.

He said: “Our gardens are an extension of our home and many of us take great pride in them, however, there’s a chance that your green fingers are sending the value of your home into the red. 

“Potential buyers will definitely be taking your garden into account so it’s important that you ensure that it’s ready for its close-up – even during the winter months. Here are the gardening mistakes that devalue your home.”

1. Tired garden furniture

Garden furniture is regarded and therefore replaced less frequently than inside the house, which means that garden decor can become outdated quickly. 

This means that a potential buyer must factor in a budget to rectify this to suit their own taste, which can result in a reduced offer. 

Suhail said: “Although buying new garden furniture is not a priority for many people – particularly at the moment – you may want to think again if you’re selling your home. 

“Tired or damaged furniture can give a very negative first impression and, in some cases, can reduce the selling price of your home.”

As a result, it is worth giving your garden a mini makeover before putting it on the market.

In the future, when it comes to purchasing garden furniture, it is a good idea to purchase timeless teak furniture, as it is not only low maintenance, but it has the ability to last forever, unlike other types of garden furniture such as iron or rattan.

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2. The grass is not green

This really depends on the buyers’ preferences, but most buyers do not like artificial grass. The main exceptions to this are for family homes, as artificial grass can be a low-maintenance option if children and dogs frequently use the garden.

The expert said: “A significant number of homeowners say that artificial grass or turf isn’t appealing when viewing a property.

“Although this may be low maintenance, it can also lower the value of your home when selling.”

The cost of removing artificial grass and replacing with natural grass is around £150 per square metre, on average. 

If there are other houses for sale in the area that have natural lawns, households may be looking at a five percent reduction in the sale value of their home.

3. Overbearing or high maintenance plants

Depending on the season, garden borders and flower beds can be bursting with seasonal plants or be as bare as the surface of the moon. 

A high maintenance looking garden with full beds and borders looks like a lot of hard work to many potential buyers.

Suhail said: “While you may style yourself as a budding Alan Titchmarsh, a potential buyer may not share your enthusiasm. 

“An excessive number of plants and plants which require a lot of work can often put off buyers and this can have a knock-on effect on the value of your home.”

4. Lack of privacy 

If a garden has a direct view into a neighbour’s garden – and vice versa – this can feel a little invasive and therefore lead to a property losing value, according to the expert.

In order to rectify this, Suhail advised that households install good quality fencing or screening around their garden.

He said: “Outdoor fencing and screening is a great way to create more privacy or you could try covering fences with vegetation or planting high hedges/trees to give your garden a more private feel and ensure that you’re getting the best price for your property.”

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