‘Fail-safe’ tip to kill weeds ‘instantly’ without nasty chemicals

Envirobond: How to remove weeds from your Paving stone joints

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Weeds growing out of cracks in patios, paving and driveways is a common annoyance. Sometimes it seems as though these unwanted plants grow even better in these tiny crevices than they do in the rest of the garden. But not only do these unwanted plants survive, but they also seem to positively thrive. To see the back of them, gardeners have taken to Mrs Hinch Gardening Tips Facebook page sharing their go-to method.

Struggling with a patio covered in weeds, one gardener asked for ideas on how to get rid of them.

Julie Mcbride said: “I’ve got a lot of weeds to kill on my patio area. What’s the strongest weed killer please? 

“I’m getting decking laid at some point so the weeds need to be gone. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to get rid of my weeds before the decking goes down as I don’t want them pushing up through it once it’s down. 

“I’m trying to avoid buying a load of membrane if possible as it’s quite a large area.”

According to Mrs Hinch fans there’s no need to use harsh chemicals to get rid of weeds as the problem can be solved with items gardeners will have lying around their kitchen.

Rachel Steele suggested: “Table salt, vinegar and washing up liquid in a spray bottle. Works instantly and kills the roots. Also non toxic to pets.”

Lorraine Mitchell advised: “Make up a mixture of salt, washing up liquid and warm water (this dissolves the salt), keep it in a spray bottle and use this. It’s fail-safe. Better than any shop-bought weed killer.”

Other Mrs Hinch fans argued that weeds can be eradicated simply using salt and boiling water.

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Christine Burns said: “i’m going with salt and hot water first, then a layer of cardboard, then a layer of black membrane and then my stone.”

Lana Reader wrote: “Hot water and then sprinkle table salt in it and pour over the weeds.”

Danielle Wirth commented: “Normal table salt followed with boiled water to dissolve it quickly.

“I weeded then brushed the salt into the cracks and then went around with a kettle of boiled water.

“This will kill them off. I haven’t weeded my patio now for five months, used to do it weekly.

“It kills everything and nothing will grow there for a while so be careful around your lawn and plants.”

Salt works to kill weeds in two ways. It first increases the levels of ions in the soil and increases osmotic pressure. This essentially means it will draw the water out of the plant cells. As a result, the plant will be unable to absorb water and will dry out.

Secondly salt destroys the minerals in the plant (such as calcium, magnesium and potassium), as it replaces them with sodium.

As long as these two solutions are used sparingly on specific areas, particularly not near lawns or other plants, then they can be effective weed killers to use.

Another natural alternative to get rid of weed is to use boiling water on it’s own. Hot water is a natural weed killer and non-toxic. 

Hot water can kill any plants, so you need to keep in mind that you can only use it on isolated weeds when you’re using it.

You should try to pour it as close as possible to the weeds so that it cannot cool off in the air, otherwise it won’t be as effective and might not kill the plant.

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