DIY fan and mum-of-three builds ‘professional’ looking decking for just £10 – top tips

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Kerrianne Gibbs, 32, from Bristol, spoke to money-saving community about her wooden seating area transformation. She said: “I’m a single mum of three and DIY massively helps as a relaxing hobby. I’ve always been a DIY fan – I moved around a lot before settling in my current house, and everywhere I moved I liked to do something DIY related.

“I built a corner seat in an old house using pallets, and this is probably what inspired me to create something on a larger scale here. The house has a horrible step by the back door that my son kept falling up.

“He has ADHD and he is very clumsy so we have been to A&E several times because of it. 

“I wanted to get rid of this hazard and also make use of the large dead space at the back of the house. I sat there looking at it, until I thought, right I’m going to build decking. I had no particular design in mind, I made it up as I went along.”

The DIY fan wasn’t given a quote for the work because she wanted to complete the task herself.

Kerrianne said: “I like to keep busy anyway, as do the kids. I’ve decorated the whole house on a budget using freebies and tips from Facebook groups.”

The mum-of-three explained that she managed to pick up pallets from Facebook Marketplace for free, paying just £10 to deliver them.

She added: “There were at least 30 pallets. Some of them were in excellent condition and some weren’t, so I decided to save the scrap pallets for fires in the evening.

“The whole thing was done in six weeks. I did bits when I could in between my volunteering work and looking after the kids.

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“My mum was a massive help with childcare while I got on with the project on various occasions.

“The hardest challenge was separating the pallets, my poor back! I had several hits with the hammer which resulted in several bumps and bruises.

“It was still worth it though. That said, if I had to do the project again, I would source new pallets as that would have definitely made it easier. Sorting through what I could and couldn’t use was a nightmare.

“Plus, some of the older pallets weren’t as strong, so they would split or snap.”

Kerrianne passed the time listening to her favourite artist, Ed Sheeran while she was working away on completing the project.

The DIY fan added: “I still need to decide if I should varnish the wood and also apply some finishing touches to pretty it up a little, but I am very happy with the end result.

“My friends and family have all been impressed when they’ve been to see it, and the best bit is there have been no more trips to A&E with my son!”

Tom Church, Co-Founder of, said: “Kerrianne clearly has a talent for DIY, this decking project looks professional and I’m glad to hear her son is no longer tripping up the back step!”

Tom also shared his top tips when it came to a DIY decking project.

He said: “Plan out how big you want the decking to be before you purchase supplies. That way you’ll eliminate the risk of wastage.

“Avoid building your decking in areas which regularly receive a lot of shade, as the wood will require more maintenance.

“Make use of a guide marker or set square when cutting to ensure you don’t end up with wonky wood.”

Tom said DIY fans should use the correct safety equipment and ask for help if they need it.

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