Design ideas for the kitchen

Teja Lele Desai lists seven easy design ideas you can use

It might be the heart of your home, but does your kitchen seem to have a bland flavour? Perhaps it’s the décor that’s doing it, not the food that you’re dishing out. Here are seven easy ways to spice up even the most boring kitchen:

Think about the layout

A kitchen may seem to be a solely functional room, but it’s more than that these days. You cannot change counter arrangements but you can move your appliances and other kitchen gear around. Make sure that you think things through — that’s half the battle won.

Opt for rich colours

Kitchens are typically painted in boring, muted shades such as white or cream. Not only do the walls become vulnerable to stains, they create a monotony that can make one lose their appetite. Play with a richer mix of hues that infuse life into the kitchen. Who says sunflower yellow or strawberry pink is only for the kids’ room?

Explore floor patterns

If changing your cabinets or wall colour is not an option, how about paying some attention to the floor? A herringbone-patterned floor keeps the drama on while you are cooking, eating or socialising in your kitchen.

Experiment with accessories

Inject a dose of excitement by adding a few pieces that will surprise the eyes. How about a lounge chair or a mirror? Most people avoid using rugs as they get dirty soon, so you could place some bright, patterned rugs on the kitchen floor. There is no end to what you can bring in to make your kitchen look unique.

A large family kitchen

A large family kitchen
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Choose colourful cabinets

A kitchen with coloured cabinets stands out when compared to the coloured walls. You can always paint them or get bright-coloured sheets over the existing ones. Get creative and paste wallpapers over the cabinets!

Use the vertical dimension

If all the kitchen walls are occupied, how about hanging some interesting stuff? A bunch of artificial garlic and onion pods, a wind chime, interesting lampshades, or even plant hangers — will turn the kitchen into a happening zone.

Display a collection

Displaying artefacts, souvenirs, collectibles or heirlooms will create a big visual impact. Anything in numbers will stand out, even your fridge magnet or rock collections from your overseas trips. Or else, turn to the staple cookbook collection. It’s sure to look great and inspire you to make culinary experiments.

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