Candle warmer lamps are the cosy accessory that will make your candle last longer

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Candle warmer lamps have become the latest TikTok home accessory everyone is talking about – here’s why.

If there’s one thing I love to do on a cosy winter night, it’s lighting a candle or two.

From tea lights to glass candle jars, there’s nothing like illuminating your space with the subtle glimmer of candlelight – especially when they emit a deliciously aromatic scent too.

Often, these candles can burn out pretty quickly, forcing us to go through an endless number in a short space of time. But one accessory, in particular, could change that.

A candle warmer lamp is a devices that has gained popularity on TikTok, thanks to its ability to keep your scented candles going for longer without actually striking a match (yes, really).

Instead, the heat from the lightbulb melts the wax and in turn fills your home with a fragrant aroma.

While buying candles can become expensive, due to the wicks burning out quickly, a candle warmer requires no open flames. Candle warmer lamps electronically warm and melt candle wax, which is a longer process. Plus, you get to avoid the annoying soot or residue from burning wicks (which can potentially damage or even yellow walls over time) and they are great for maximising what’s left of a tunnelled candle.

If you like the flicker of candlelight or the crackling noise that comes with it, candle warmer lamps may not be for you. But they are a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing approach for candle lovers to try – and we’ve found a few worth purchasing for those who are curious…

  • Litfad Nordic glass aromatherapy melting wax desk lamp

    Candle warmer lamps: Litfad Nordic glass aromatherapy melting wax desk lamp

    Create a cosy, calm atmosphere with this desk lamp from Liftad, which features a chic art deco inspired design that will elevate your interiors.

    Shop Litfad Nordic glass aromatherapy melting wax desk lamp, £108


  • Flowy Clouds candle warmer lamp

    Candle warmer lamps: Flowy Clouds candle warmer lamp

    If minimalism is more your style, this Scandi-inspired candle warmer lamp will perfectly fit your decor.

    Shop Flowy Clouds candle warmer lamp at Etsy, £62.06


  • Topchances electric candle warmer lamp

    Candle warmer lamps: Topchances electric candle warmer lamp

    Illuminate your home with this candle warmer lamp, which helps create the warm and comforting ambience you desire.

    Shop Topchances electric candle warmer lamp at Amazon, £38.99


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