Break your fast in style with these iftar tablescape ideas

Take your iftar meals to the next level with these tablescape ideas, which are perfect for Ramadan.

We can all appreciate a good tablescape.

The popular decor trend, which sees people create the most stunning and styled tables to dine on, is known for being particularly Instagram-friendly while, at the same time, making your own meals feel more special than ever – and it’s a great way to mark significant occasions at home.

One reason to create a beautiful tablescape is Ramadan.

As the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan sees Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, with iftar (a meal taken by Muslims at sundown to break the daily fast during Ramadan) serving as the main meal each day where the family comes together for prayer and a feast.

The occasion is marked by Muslims all over the world as they unite during the holy month – and many Muslim content creators are taking to TikTok to share their stunning tablescapes and giving us tips on how to recreate them in our own homes.

“In Ramadan, Muslims take part in added worship, reflection, building community, working on their character and charity,”Ayesha Anwar, a home decor expert and founder of Play with Patterns, told Apartment Therapy.

“We love to decorate designated spaces where we spend lots of time in with decor that reminds us of our faith and culture,” she adds.

Creating these tablescapes, Anwar says she tends to use things like moons and stars, along with “mosque domes and lots of twinkling lights”.

Other go-to home accessories included in these TikToks included jute placemats, tapered candles, mini-lanterns and floral arrangements.

At a time that sees millions of families come together, these few tips are a wonderful way to enhance what is already a beautiful and celebratory occasion.

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