‘Better than using pellets’: Mrs Hinch gardening fans use crushed egg shells to oust slugs

Monty Don shares ways to stop slugs eating young plants

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Gardening enthusiasts who are fans of cleaning star Mrs Hinch have shared their egg shell method for preventing slugs from eating crops and plants. Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, is a lifestyle and cleaning enthusiast who has more than 4.3 million followers on Instagram. Fans of hers have created social media groups in her name where they share tips on gardening, DIY and cleaning.

On one such gardening group, Facebook user Ollie Harris said: “Need help. How do I get rid of slugs please, I’ve used beer but no good.”

Ollie’s post was inundated with more than 120 comments from fellow users.

The most popular response was to use crushed egg shells.

Sandra Lewis said: “Apparently smashed eggshells with some bits large and some small.”

Lisa Dowdeswell replied: “Egg shells and human hair.”

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Sue Tucker commented: “Orange peel and egg shells are supposed to be good too.”

Sue Kightly said: “Crushed egg shells.”

Sarah March wrote: “Egg shells around the plants!

“Doesn’t kill the slugs but they won’t go near it.

“Non-poisonous, so safe around pets and wildlife and eggshells breakdown adding calcium to the soil that helps the plants.”

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Sandra Burton said: “Crushed dry egg shells when you have used them.”

Susan Kelly wrote: “Egg shells, worked for me on my allotment.

“Save them up and break them up, not too small, and sprinkle them where you don’t want the slugs to go.

“The eggshells are too sharp for them to cross.”

Christine Richards replied: “I use crushed egg shells and find they really work far better than using slug pellets etc.”

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Egg shells are so sharp that slugs and snails would hurt themselves climbing over them so they tend to avoid them.

Putting them around plants will act as a barrier against slugs and snails.

Other suggestions for ousting slugs from Mrs Hinch fans included salt, nematodes and human hair.

Jo Campbell said: “Next time you go to barber’s or hairdresser, take home a bag of clippings, spread around plants, also works for cats…”

Carole Manning-Mills replied: “Nematodes, nothing better. Quite expensive but worth it.

“I have ordered four applications for this year.

“They are delivered at six weekly intervals. Safe for children and pets.”

Pat Herrmann commented: “Salt, it melts them!!”

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