‘Better and faster’ method to kill gravel weeds than using chemicals – it’s free

Gardening tips: Four homemade hacks to kill garden weeds

Weeds are pesky plants that can quickly take over an area and can be difficult to remove.

They are usually fast-growing and can spread very quickly, making them difficult to control. 

Weeds can also cause damage to driveways, patios, and other paved areas. If left unchecked, they can cause cracks and other damage to the surface, which can lead to costly repairs.

For those who want to keep weeds from taking over their gravel driveways or paths in gardens, it’s important to take action quickly – and here’s how.

Posting a picture of a weed growing in gravel to the Loving Your Garden Facebook page, a woman shared how she was able to “kill off weeds” for free.

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Jessie Rothwell said: “Love this gardening tip I got off here, don’t bother with nasty chemicals to kill off weeds, simply pop the kettle on and give them a steaming hot bath.

“It works particularly well if they are thirsty and on a hot day, this one started to wilt as I was pouring and I’ve found it kills them off better and faster.

“Do feel for any bugs that may be underneath but surely is better than poisoning the soil and surrounding atmosphere.”

Applying boiling water to weeds is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly methods gardeners can use to keep weeds at bay. 

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Boiling water to kill weeds not only prevents toxic herbicides from entering the soil but can also kill down to the tap root. 

While the process of applying a hot water treatment on weeds is straightforward, proper application is essential for both your safety and receiving the best results.

Start by boiling a large pot or kettle of water. The size of the weeded area should help gardeners determine how much water they will need. Once the water is steaming hot and brought to a boil, carefully transfer the water to the weeded area.

Slowly pour the boiling water on the weeds on driveway cracks or garden paths, carefully avoiding any other desirable plants in the area. 

The process may need to be repeated the next day for the weeds to fully die. Once the weeds are dead they can easily be pulled out.

Loving Your Garden group members took to the comments to share their thoughts. Anne Condor said: “This makes for a very good weed killer, it kills weeds quickly and seems to keep them away.”

Samuel Samuel said: “Brilliant idea I’m going to be doing this on my block paving.”

Many gardeners commented that once the weed is dead it still needs to be dug out. Andrew Smart said: “If you don’t pull a weed out by its roots it will still come back regardless of the hot water.”

Susan Whapshott wrote: “You still have to get the whole weed out. I water my gravel so it’s all damp then just pull up by hand.”

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