Best plants for small gardens – 8 gorgeous plants for your small space

Don’t let your gardening ambitions be hampered by your small garden. There are plenty of plants that thrive in small spaces. Now is the perfect time to get planting. Here are the best plants to grow if you have limited outdoor space.

Urban living can come with compromises, a most common problem for city-dwellers is a lack of outdoor space.

Gardens are often so small that every inch will count, so, what plants will thrive in tiny spaces?

The best plants for small spaces

When outside space is lacking it is best to stick to potted plants, creating flower beds can cut into valuable garden space and in urban areas the soils might be too shallow to grow much at all.

Some plants thrive in patio pots and Agapanthus is certainly among them.

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As this plant grows its roots become more constricted and the plant produces more and more flowers.

There are plenty of varieties to choose from – from pure white to deep blue you can choose your plant’s colours to suit your own tastes.

Busy Lizzies are another plant that thrives in pots, it is perfect for shady gardens.

Unlike most flowers which flower in the summer and spring, these bloom beautifully in the autumn, so add these to your garden for a pop of colour as the summer starts to fade.

Ivy is a versatile, hardy plant, it can grow just about anywhere so it can transform even the darkest of gardens with a lush green sweep.

Best plants for walls and fences

Use every inch of your outside space by growing plants on your garden’s boundaries.

Walls and fences are perfect to grow climbers on, you can even use these plants to create natural screens to stop your garden from being overlooked by nosey neighbours.

Bamboo is a brilliant plant to grow along your fences, this will add a sleek contemporary look to your garden.

Jasmine is another option to add privacy to your patch, this lovely climber will form a dense cover with its rich green leaves if grown up a trellis.

It has pretty white, scented flowers that bloom in summer making it ideal if grown near a seating area.

This climber can get out of control quickly, so it will need to be cut back after flowering to keep it within your borders.

How to create a garden on a balcony

You can still create an inner-city Eden even if you don’t have access to a garden.

Balconies can be the perfect place to create a green haven for yourself.

Before you start to buy bits for your balcony you will need to look up how much weight your balcony can take.

Some garden essentials will be too heavy for conventional balconies.

If you are unsure of how much weight your balcony can take it is best to stick to lighter gardening alternatives, pick plastic pots instead of terracotta ones and buy compost that is specifically formulated to be lightweight.

If your balcony is not very sheltered, it may be too blustery for some plants to thrive, this can be more of a problem for high up balconies.

You may need to put in some shelter or create windbreaks for your plants.

Another factor to consider is how much sunlight hits your balcony, many plants need full sunlight to thrive, but, shade-loving plants such as Chrysanthemums, Fuchsias and Farmers hydrangeas will brighten up even the dingiest of spots.

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