Bella returns to the Bay in Home and Away – is there hope for Nikau?

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) are at home with the baby when they hear a knock on the door – and they’re completely blindsided when Bella (Courtney Miller) appears, suitcase in tow.

They had no idea she was even in the country. Turns out she finished her exhibition and she’s back in Australia for a few days to meet baby Izzy.

One of the first questions Dean asks Bella is about Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), but she says she doesn’t care if she sees him. However, in a small town like the Bay it’s hard to avoid anyone…Later that night, Bella is at the bar in Salt when she turns around to see her ex.

Nikau is completely floored when he sees the woman he was forced to push away. After some initial awkwardness, the pair sit down and make small talk.

However, when Nikau struggles to say anything significant, Bella cuts through it – he made it clear what he wanted, and her life is amazing now. It wouldn’t be the case if they were still together, so she’s doing great. She walks away, leaving Nikau devastated.

The next day, Nikau agrees to meet Bella and gets his hopes up slightly. However, she’s giving him some printed photos she took of his family in the past, saying he will probably like to have them. Nikau is deflated again – not only is Bella doing great, she doesn’t even want reminders of the Paratas.

While Nikau adjusts to this unwelcome reality, little does he know – Bella is unloading to Dean about how upset she is that Nikau broke up with her without even bothering to give an explanation.

Dean encourages her to be honest with Nikau, so she shows up at his house to demand answers. When Nikau explains that he was forced to keep her away due to the situation with the bikies, her expression softens. Could there still be hope for them?

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