‘Always look out for these!’ Gardening expert shares ‘best’ orchids to buy

Gardening expert teaches This Morning viewers about orchids

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Gardening expert Michael Perry, also known as Mr Plant Geek, has unveiled which orchids are the “best” to buy. Michael shared his advice in an orchid master class on ITV’s This Morning in 2018. The plant expert spoke to Davina McCall and Ore Oduba about the beautiful plants.

Michael said some of the “best orchids to buy” are English-grown.

He said: “English-grown orchids. So these are some of the best orchids to buy so always look out for English-grown because they’ll already be a little bit used to our conditions.”

Michael then took viewers through each orchid type, detailing how much they cost and how long they flower for.

He said: “First of all, we’ve got the moth orchid which starts at just a fiver.

“The flowers look velvety but they’re actually waxy and last for two to three months.

“This is one of the easiest to grow and the easiest to re-flower as well.”

The next orchid Michael showed viewers was a white spotty orchid with pinkish spots.

The variety is known as a “spotty moth orchid”.

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He added: “These tend to be about three times the price of your basic orchid but they’re a little bit harder to produce but they’re super fancy.

“These are great for gifts they’re great for kids as well – kid’s first plant.”

Ore asked Michael whether you can buy orchids that aren’t in bloom.

The plant pro said we tend to buy orchids in flower because you want to see what colour they are going to be.

However, he said you can buy them in bud or you can buy smaller plants that you can “grow on”.

If you really want a challenge, you can even buy them as seedlings too.

The next orchid Michael showed viewers was what he called the “staircase orchid” or Dendrobium.

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Michael explained: “It has a very slight fragrance and again those flowers last for three months.

“It’s incredible because these are basically the same price as a posh bouquet of flowers but it lasts for three times as long.

“The next one is a slipper orchid. Isn’t that gorgeous? Waxy bloomed again, very fancy and designed this way by nature in order to attract pollinators which then go inside and sip up the sweet nectar.

“So again this is a great orchid for the home costing around £20.”

Next up was a cymbidium orchid which Michael said you will often see in large urns in “stately homes” or “National Trust properties”.

He explained further: “It’s evergreen so it will always look beautiful and grassy and the flowers come a couple of times a year and again they last for such an exceptionally long time.

“You can even cut these for vases around the home in other areas.

“The next one is the dyed orchid which is the real Marmite plant people either love these or hate them.

“The new flowers will be the original colour so if you see white flowers pop up, you’ll know why.”

Michael also showed viewers miniature orchids which have a strong scent.

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