6 key interior trends that you’re going to see everywhere this autumn

From vintage candlesticks to mushroom lamps, check out this list of the interior trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this autumn.

Whether you waved goodbye to summer long ago or have been clinging to the last of the sunny weather, the arrival of October means that autumn is now well and truly underway.

So, as the temperatures drop and the nights draw in, we’re embracing everything that the new season has to offer – including all the exciting interiors trends that are coming our way.

While the start of a new season doesn’t have to mean a complete décor overhaul, getting to know the key autumn interiors trends for 2021 will give you an idea of the kinds of things you’re going to see taking over your Instagram, as well as giving you inspiration for your own home.

To give you a headstart, the interiors experts over at Hutch – an online marketplace that allows users to buy, sell and browse second-hand furniture and homeware – have put together a list of the trends they expect to be big this autumn. Keep reading to check them out. 

  • Mushroom Lamps

    Mushroom lamps have been big for some time now, but their popularity shows no sign of slowing as we head into the autumn months.

    On top of being a beautiful addition to any side table, bookshelf or desk, mushroom lamps tend to emit a warm, soothing light – perfect for when you want to cosy up with a book on a rainy autumn evening. 

  • Trays as the new #shelfie

    Short on somewhere to display your favourite homeware items? Now’s the time to invest in a decorative tray for your coffee table or sideboard.

    Long gone are the days when bookshelf styling reigned supreme – as we move into the autumn months, the team at Hutch predict more and more of us will be using trays to elevate the appearance of our favourite decorative pieces. 

  • Vintage candlesticks

    They may be small, but adding a selection of vintage candlesticks to your collection is a great way to elevate a regular candle into a decorative object that will look great displayed on a mantlepiece or at the centre of a tablescape.

    Plus, if you’ve bought yourself some of those Instagrammable-painted candles, you’ll have somewhere extra special to display your collection.  

  • Cottagecore 2.0

    Just when you thought the cottagecore style might be becoming less popular, the cutesy, rural-esque trend has seen a second surge in interest.

    According to the team at Hutch, easy ways to embrace the aesthetic include vintage-style wallpapes, nature-inspired pieces and floral ceramics. 

  • Natural materials

    At a time of year when the colder weather and shorter days make it harder to connect with nature, bringing natural materials such as bamboo and wicker into your home can help to bridge the gap.

    You don’t need to invest in lots of furniture to embrace this trend, either – decorative objects such as wicker mirrors and bamboo serving trays can have a big impact. 

  • Japandi

    Yet another trend that has been big for a while now, the team at Hutch predict the Japandi style will remain popular throughout autumn 2021.

    A fusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandanavian functionality, this style is characterised by clean lines, bright spaces and neutral colours. 

Images: Getty/Hutch

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