15 cosy weighted blankets that will help you get a better night’s sleep

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Weighted blankets are great for easing stress and anxiety, thanks to their ability to stimulate serotonin and create the feeling of a warm, comforting hug.

Spring may be approaching, but many of us will still be dealing with colder temperatures as snow and frost are expected throughout the month – a real drag, I know.

One way to keep warm and cosy this month is by snuggling up with a good blanket – and if there is one type of blanket to invest in, it’s a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets have numerous benefits, from helping poor sleepers get much-needed rest to easing anxiety and stress.

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While they are like regular blankets, most have glass or plastic beads stitched into them, which gives the added weight that makes them oh-so-comfortable.

With the promise of pure relaxation, it’s no surprise that there is a rising number of people getting on the weighted blanket bandwagon –and we’ve curated the best of the best to purchase and meet any need.

  • Livio weighted double blanket

    Weighted blankets: Livio weighted double blanket

    Sometimes you just need the warmth and support of a good hug – and this weighted blanket will feel just like that.

    Shop Livio weighted double blanket, £34.99


  • M&S Collection weighted blanket

    Weighted blankets: M&S Collection weighted blanket

    This blanket has been designed to soothe restlessness, aid relaxation and promote better quality sleep, thanks to the weighted filling which creates a gentle, even pressure across your body.

    Shop M&S Collection weighted blanket, £75


  • Gravity weighted blanket

    Weighted blankets: Gravity weighted blanket

    Get a more restful night’s sleep with this Gravity-weighted blanket. Available in a range of contemporary colours, this blanket helps ensure a deeper and more restful sleep. 

    Shop Gravity weighted blanket, from £169


  • Calming Blankets silver ion weighted blanket

    Weighted blankets: Calming Blankets silver ion weighted blanket

    Bring some forestcore vibes to your decor with this mossy green weighted blanket. 

    Shop Calming Blankets silver ion weighted blanket, £132.20


  • Soak & Sleep grey weighted blanket

    Weighted blankets: Soak & Sleep grey weighted blanket

    Invest in a better night’s sleep with this Soak & Sleep weighted blanket. This weighted blanket is filled with non-toxic glass microbeads for even, gentle weight distribution and softly spun recycled polyester for warmth and softness. 

    Shop Soak & Sleep grey weighted blanket, £54


  • Remy the lounger weighted throw

    Weighted blankets: Remy the lounger weighted throw

    This beautiful knitted weighted blanket is both stylish and functional. It comes in a variety of colours, including this gorgeous ochre hue and is crafted from chunky weaves rather for a stylish, natural and comfy piece.

    Shop Remy the lounger weighted throw, £179


  • Simba orbit weighted blanket

    Weighted blankets: Simba orbit weighted blanket

    Getting a good night’s sleep is key – especially at a time when we are busier than ever and dealing with all the various things going on in the world.

    This makes the way you sleep and what you sleep with even more important – and Simba’s orbit weighted blanket is one home accessory you’ll want to hold onto this autumn.

    Designed to help tackle sleepless nights caused by stress, the blanket uses precision-engineered nano-bead technology in a soft cotton exterior to apply a relaxing pressure.

    It means that you can lie down at the end of the day and feel like you’re being wrapped in a calming, full-body hug – something we all need every now and again. 

    Shop Simba orbit weighted blanket, £169


  • Kudd.ly weighted blanket

    Weighted blankets: Kudd.ly weighted blanket

    This weighty, calming blanket is crafted with ultra-soft, breathable MicroCool fleece to keep you super comfortable and cosy for a better night’s sleep.

    Shop Kudd.ly weighted blanket, £49


  • Lounge Pug weighted blanket for adults

    Weighted blankets: Lounge Pug weighted blanket for adults

    Made from 100% cotton with a thread count of 200 on the outer cover, this weighted blanket will do the job, whether you are at your work desk or simply relaxing on the sofa.

    Shop Lounge Pug weighted blanket for adults at Big Bertha Original, £59.90


  • Brentford weighted blanket

    Weighted blanket: Brentford weighted blanket

    Coming in a blush pink shade, this Brentford weighted blanket is made of a breathable, comfortable and durable material while stimulating the stress points and boosting positive hormones.

    Shop Brentford weighted blanket at Debenhams, £36.99


  • Oodie weighted blanket

    Weighted blankets: Oodie weighted blanket

    This weighted blanket is simple in design but extremely effective. Complete with non-toxic glass beads, the blanket uses relaxing principles behind deep pressure stimulation to create a cosy feel and even pressure across your body and will take your sleep to the next level.

    Shop Oodie weighted blanket, £74


  • Silentnight wellbeing weighted blanket

    Weighted blankets: Silentnight wellbeing weighted blanket

    This weighted blanket comes with a host of benefits, from helping to ease anxiety and stress and proven to ease muscle tension.

    Shop Silentnight wellbeing weighted blanket, £60


  • Nuzzie knit weighted blanket

    Weighted blankets: Nuzzie knit weighted blanket

    Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep quality, relax after a stressful day at the office or soothe your anxiety, Nuzzie has you covered with this playful woven blanket in a pretty pink hue.

    Shop Nuzzie knit weighted blanket, £274


  • Aeyla Mela weighted blanket

    Weighted blankets: Aeyla Mela weighted blanket

    Who needs an ordinary duvet when you have this by your side? This weighted blanket applies pressure on the body to assist in alleviating stress to help you enter a calm, deep slumber. Plus, it’s stylish (and cosy) addition to your bed or sofa.

    Shop Aeyla Mela weighted blanket, £89


  • Sleepseeker slumberdown weight sensation weighted blanket

    Weighted blankets: Sleepseeker slumberdown weight sensation weighted blanket

    This pale blue weighted blanket has a calming effect to help improve sleep quality and relieve stress and anxiety.

    Shop Sleepseeker slumberdown weight sensation weighted blanket, £50


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