105 FREE* Allium Bulbs from Thompson and Morgan worth £29.99

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Alliums are an essential addition to the late spring and early summer garden. They create a stunning contrast of shape and texture when planted amongst herbaceous perennials, create vertical accents in borders and containers, and make excellent cut flowers.

Perfect for the low-maintenance garden, alliums are very easy to grow on well-drained soil and will virtually take care of themselves.

This bumper pack contains five fantastic varieties in a range of colours and sizes to add unique interest to your borders, containers and rockeries for year after year!

Your Allium collection will contain the following:

● Allium ampeloprasum (15 bulbs)

● Allium cowanii (15 bulbs)

● Allium karataviense (5 bulbs)

● Allium moly (40 bulbs)

● Allium sphaerocephalon (30 bulbs)

Make sure you don’t miss out – pick up your Sunday Express on Sunday October 9 or your Daily Express on Monday 10 October or Tuesday 11 October, 2022 to get this great offer.

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