Your Comprehensive Guide to All the Holiday Snacks on Shelves This Year

With crunchy sugar crystals inside the creme filling, these cookies give the sensation of traditional peppermint bark.

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Maybe getting coal for Christmas isn’t a bad thing after all! These sweet, gooey chocolate cookies would be a welcome addition to any stocking.

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Grab these limited-edition, sugar-coated marshmallows quickly before they’re off the shelves!

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Despite the name, this product is completely alcohol-free, which means that you can buy them for any age group on your gifting list. You can choose between purchasing one single bottle to a 48-bottle case. 

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You can add it to some coffee or tea, but there’s also no reason you shouldn’t just gulp it straight from the carton.

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The go-to cozy drink of the season, now in the form of a classic candy.

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Because you can never have too much chocolate in hot cocoa.

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If a cup of hot cocoa is not your cup of, um, tea, try this soothing blend infused pink peppercorn, peppermint and white chocolate! The refreshing smell of peppermint bark will have your kitchen smelling like a Christmas candy factory.

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The holidays are usually a time to forget the scale, but if you’re still watching your calorie intake and want a snack, SkinnyPop has released two holiday-inspired flavors: Gingerbread Cookie and White Chocolate Peppermint.

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To add to their holiday candy collection, Hershey’s has combined white chocolate and crunchy peppermint candy pieces to create a peppermint bark-like concotion, minus the dark chocolate. Unfortunately, these chocolate, peppermint goodies will be pulled off the shelves after the holiday season, so get them quickly!

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Quest protein bar flavors vary in widely and all depends on your personal preference, and now there are two more options to choose from solely for the season when pastries are everywhere. Try the Christmas favorite or the pumpkin pie flavor.

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Lindt surprises us every season with new creations, collecions, and flavor combinations, but this holiday season, they have combined a traditional holiday cookie into creamy white chocolate truffles.

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Santa’s Helpers are back in stores! These egg-shaped, individually wrapped peanut butter cups are great for children. Each one features a photo of  Santa’s helpers.

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You can’t go wrong with a ready-to-hang stocking stuffed with delicious goodies like milk chocolate hot cocoa, biscuits and a milk chocolate caramel bar!

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M&M’s is bringing back their holiday Hot Cocoa-flavored limited edition M&M’s, but this time, with a white chocolate marshmallow center!

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This season, the chocolate brand has unveiled a familiar new flavor for the holidays.

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If you’re looking for the real deal peppermint bark, this gift is definitely it: handcrafted, swirling peppermint candy pieces in a rich mix of milk, dark, and white chocolate. 

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This cute box is filled with individually wrapped Godiva milk and dark chocolates. It makes the ultimate stocking-stuffer for both kids and adults.

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Making their return every hoilday season, these limited-time snacks fly off the shelves quickly!

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This dark chocolate bark has chunks of gingerbread crunch. Other flavors available are almond, coconut almond, mint, pretzel, pumpkin seed and peanut.

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This champagne bottle is made from chocolate and filled with more chocolate. At this point, every holiday should be an excuse to have chocolate.

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Candy corn consistency, but the taste of chocolate? Yes!

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Released in 2017 for a limited time, this riff on classic Cinnamon Toast Crunch is making a comeback.

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No need to make your own peppermint bark when you can pick up a bag of these mini crunchy chocolates.

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The smell of freshly baked sugar cookies will fill your kitchen as the Keurig brews your wake-up drink.

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If you cannot get enough egg nog during the holidays, now you can spread it on any pastry that comes your way.

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For those who are gluten or dairy-intolerant, these oat bars will let you have your yearly gingerbread fix.

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Labeled as “An Exceptional Winter Tea,” now you can have eggnog without the calories of the traditional hoilday drink.

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