Woman shares genius hack that lets you more easily toast a wrap

It’s a common conundrum.

You fancy a nice tortilla wrap, but you also crave the comfort of a toasted sandwich.

The answer, of course, is toasting your wrap – but if you don’t have a giant toastie maker to fit in the entire circle of the tortilla, that solution can be frustratingly out of reach.

Well, it was until now.

One woman and personal lunch saviour has revealed her trick for making toasting a wrap loads easier.

In a video posted to the Crystal’s Cooking Fun TikTok, the woman shows herself making a small cut in the wrap from the centre to the outside edge, then placing her main filling on that quarter segment.

Then, working in a clockwise direction, she puts down lettuce, tomato, and cheese, then adds sauce to the chicken filling.

That’s when the magic happens.

Lifting from that cut edge she made earlier, the woman folds the lettuce onto the tomato, then that on to the cheese, and then finally on to the chicken, to make a triangle shape.

That triangle can then be popped in your toastie maker for a gloriously layered wrap that’s warm all the way through.

The trick has been a massive hit, although many have asked whether the end result is in fact a ‘fold’ rather than a ‘wrap’ (a valid point).

‘What is this witch craft,’ wrote one commenter.

Another wrote: ‘This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.’

Worth a try, right?

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