Woman bakes book covers on biscuits – can you spot your favourite?

A bookworm has combined her love of reading and baking to produce these intricate biscuits that look just like the covers of her favourite titles.

Lauren Farrell, 29, started decorating biscuits four years ago as a hobby and after joining a book club, decided to treat her fellow members to her baked goods.

The admin officer from Melbourne has mastered the art of carefully decorating biscuits to look exactly like the covers of books read by the book club.

She said: ‘My hobby started with wanting to make iced smiley face biscuits.

‘I did some research online, found decorated biscuits using royal icing and since then, I’ve been hooked!

‘Since I joined the book club three years ago, I have baked something to bring in every month.

‘I then made the 12 books we read in 2019 for our final book club last year.

‘Since then, I’ve made book biscuits quite a few times, most recently the book club books of 2020.

‘Members of the book club do enjoy my biscuits! I make sure they all get taken home and they’re usually eaten.’

Armed with a piping bag, Lauren decorates her freshly baked biscuits with homemade coloured royal icing with an edible marker on stand by for tiny intricate details.

She decorates the biscuits layer by layer and uses a dehydrator to dry the icing in between each layer.

Lauren addd: ‘I do find the decorating calming. Its also a chance to be creative.

‘I sometimes brush some icing on to get some texture, like you can see on The White Girl book biscuit.

‘My favourite book is A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, but I haven’t made a biscuit version of that one yet.’

The book biscuits have gone down a storm with not only Lauren’s book club, but also with the author.

After seeing Lauren’s biscuit version of the cover of his book ‘An Absolutely Remarkable Thing’, author Hank Green tweeted a photo of the biscuit, saying ‘SO DELICIOUS’.

Author Adam Kay tweeted ‘This is AMAZING!’ after seeing Lauren’s biscuit adaptations of his books ‘This Is Going To Hurt’ and ‘Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas’.

Author Trent Dalton shared an image of Lauren’s biscuit that she decorated to look like his book ‘All Our Shimmering Skies’ with the caption ‘delicious and thought-provoking.’

Lauren said: ‘It is nice hearing the authors do like my book biscuits!

‘A few of them have replied to my photos of the covers and seem to think they’re cool.’

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