Walmart Is Launching a Service That Will Have Employees Bring Groceries Directly into Your Home

Walmart just majorly stepped up their grocery game.

The retail giant just announced plans to launch their InHome service starting this fall, where employees will not only deliver groceries to customers after an online order, but bring them right inside the purchaser’s home and put them away in their kitchen.

In a statement obtained by USA Today, Walmart President and CEO Doug McMillon explained of the initiative, “Once we learned how to do pickup well, we knew it would unlock the ability to deliver.”

“But what if we not only cover the last mile to customers’ homes but even the last few steps?” he added. “What if we put their groceries away inside their kitchens or garages?”

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Alongside a new promotional video showing a customer using a smartphone app for the delivery, the company offers an InHome FAQ on their website, revealing that their mission behind the new service “is to help you remove chores, like grocery shopping, from your to-do list, so you have more time for yourself, family and friends.”

“Delivery associates are equipped with a wearable camera,” the site reads. “You can watch the entire delivery live as it’s happening, or view the archived video later. You’ll be able to see the whole process, from the opening of your door, to the stocking of your fridge and every step in between, until our associate leaves and locks up.”

Walmart ensures grocery costs themselves will not increase, and promises to reveal a price for the actual service — which will be carried out “by a trained and vetted Walmart associate, who has been with a local store for at least a year” — closer to its launch date.

InHome will first be available in three initial cities — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Kansas City, Missouri; and Vero Beach, Florida — and customers will be able to choose a delivery date while placing their order online.

The launch announcement comes almost two years after Walmart (which already offers delivery through third-party companies, as well as store pickup) began testing the InHome service, teaming up with a security company called August and delivery company Deliv.

“We are going to have to build trust with consumers,” August CEO Jason Johnson told CNNMoney at the time. “At first you might be a little nervous.”

Added Johnson, “But after you do it once or twice, you absolutely will do it again. Everyone who has tried it so far is really satisfied.”

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