Try this hack for keeping bags of salad fresher for longer

Money is tight at the moment, so we are all ears to anything that can help stop food waste.

And with summer just around the corner, bags of salad are key culprits for spoiling very quickly.

Thankfully, a new hack has revealed how to keep salad fresher for longer.

So there’s no need to worry about wilted and sad-looking lettuce.

The technique in question has been around for a while but was recently shared by food blogger Marie Saba.

And it requires something you probably already have lying around at home: some kitchen roll.

In an Instagram post, Marie explains that you simply need to pop a sheet inside a bag of salad, to make it last longer. says: ‘When you get home with bagged greens, cut open the bag and put a paper towel inside.

‘The paper towel will absorb moisture and keep the greens fresher longer.’

So you can bid slimy salad farewell.

Her followers have agreed that this hack really does work.

One person replied: ‘I’ve been doing this forever. I empty the bag of vegetables to check for any “yucky ones”, place a paper towel in the bottom of the bag then place the veggies back in the bag.’

Another confirmed: ‘They last longer and it keeps them from getting glossy right away.’

So there you go, a summer salad hack that will save you money and trips to the supermarket.

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