Try this genius hack to cut an avocado into quarters so that it peels easily

A foodie influencer has shared a clever hack to cut an avocado into quarters – and fans are going wild.

Gone are the day of getting the green fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) all over your work surfaces and, let’s face it, ourselves.

Nicole Keshishian Modic’s simple technique breaks the avocado into four and means the skin peels off easily.

And, of course, Nicole picked up the hack from TikTok.

‘Everything I learned in life, I learned on TikTok,’ she joked.

Everything I learned in life, I learned on TikTok 😆 #learnontiktok #avocado #avocadohack #foodtips IB: @Bearenger avocado, how to, food tips

And the method is easy enough for any chef.

First, cut the avocado all the way around length ways, and then do the same width ways.

Then, twist the avocado apart and voila – it breaks into four easily. Peel the skin off and the pit should pop out without any trouble too.

Nicole’s fans loved the idea so much, they were annoyed they didn’t come up with it themselves.

‘You just blew my mind,’ said one user, while another commented that it was ‘brilliant’.

It’s not the first time one of Nicole’s hacks has gone viral. Other handy tips she’s shared include using vinegar to keep berries fresh and dousing grapes in prosecco for a boozy treat.

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