This simple hack shows how to pick a juicy watermelon

Knowing what to eat in a heatwave can be tough.

Ice lollies always hit the spot and fresh fruit is another great option. 

Watermelon, in particular, is incredibly refreshing – considering its high water content. So not only is it a tasty snack, but it also hydrates you in the process.

And the juicier the better.

However, if you struggle to know how to spot a ripe watermelon at the supermarket, TikTok user @evelynjuarezofficial has done the hard work for you.

She’s shared how to find a juicy watermelon every time, by looking for some key features.

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Firstly, Evelyn says the fruit must have ‘stretch marks’ at the ends, as well as a big yellow patch on it.

But the most important thing is the noise the watermelon makes when you tap it.

She stresses that the more hollow it sounds the better, and demonstrates on two different watermelons.

In the video, Evelyn says: ‘So both of these watermelons qualify, one of them is really smooth and one of them is a little jacked up, but this is the key… listen.

‘You see how this last one sounds more hollow – it means it’s going to be juicy.’

And it’s safe to say that people have been thoroughly impressed by the simple trick.

Evelyn also adds in the comments: ‘Now y’all have no excuse for not buying a good watermelon.’

Other TikTok hacks which are likely to come in handy during this heatwave include the trick for turning a bottle of Corona into a tasty summer cocktail.

As well as the whipped lemonade recipe – which is made by mixing either condensed milk, coconut milk or whipping cream with fizzy lemonade or lemon juice.

There’s also the hack for making a Percy Pig McFlurry by adding the M&S sweets to the McDonald’s ice cream.

They all sound equally delicious.

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