This Man Ate a Big Mac Every Day, But Still Managed to Lose Weight

Dieters usually ditch the drive-thru for home cooked meals when they’re trying to lose weight. But strength and fitness coach Jordan Syatt, 28, ate one Big Mac every day for a full month–and lost seven pounds. He documented the process on Instagram to show followers that no food is off-limits.

Syatt doesn’t advocate eating McDonald’s everyday. “This is not healthy,” he says in an Instagram story. He then explains the purpose of the experiment is to show how foods stigmatized as “bad,” can fit into a well-balanced diet.

“What are you eating the rest of the day?” he asks. “Are you eating fruits and vegetables?”

Syatt lost seven pounds because he created a calorie deficit by consuming roughly 1,500 calories per day, he explains to Men’s Health. At 5’4,” Syatt says he eats 2,200 calories per day to maintain his weight.

Admittedly, fitting a Big Mac, which clocks in at 540 calories, isn’t easy, Syatt says.

“I’m a pretty small guy. That doesn’t leave much room for extra food, especially if I want to be in a significant [calorie] deficit,” he says.

Syatt filled up on nutrient-dense food like eggs, Greek yogurt, vegetables, fruit, and fish.

“I made sure I had one big salad everyday,” he says.

Greek yogurt and cottage cheese were typical pre-workout snacks, followed by a Big Mac for lunch. Dinner generally consisted of vegetables and some sort of protein source, like fish or eggs.

In addition to regular gym sessions, Syatt remained active by logging 10,000 steps every single day.

During the experiment, the fitness coach dined at restaurants and exceeded his calorie goal during a road trip–but that didn’t stall his weight loss efforts. Syatt hopes this shows dieters that there’s no need to give up their favorite foods or skip out on dessert.

“Being 100 percent on point with your nutrition isn’t perfect, it’s prison,” he writes in a recent Instagram post.

Judging from feedback, Syatt’s followers are blown away by his success.

“I got thousands and thousands of messages from people,” Syatt says.

One person on Instagram asked, “Are you saying…I can enjoy chips here and there while being in a calorie deficit?”

Another fan reveals they might count calories after spending eight months feeling miserable on the high-fat keto diet.

Of course, it is possible to feel restricted while counting calories, and there isn’t just one right way to drop a few pounds. However, there is one piece of advice Syatt encourages everyone to keep in mind, no matter your approach to weight loss: skip the food guilt.

“If you go to your nephew’s graduation ceremony and have a slice of cake, it’s fine. Just get back on track,” he says.

“No one ever got fat from having one donut.”

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