This berry margarita is the perfect spring cocktail

There’s nothing like a bit of sun to get you in the mood for a drink, eh?

With temperatures reaching balmy highs of around 18 degrees this week, it’s the perfect time to host the first barbeques of the year.

Whether it’s a full-blown get together or a few quiet drinks in the garden with your girls, nothing calls for cocktails quite like the early signs of a warm summer – and this berry margarita recipe is the perfect tipple for the mood. 

Josiah Carter, a reality TV personality and mixologist, has shared his favourite spring cocktail recipe below – so you can make it at home.

Berry margarita recipe:

The berry margarita is a delicious, fruity twist on the classic margarita – the perfect cocktail for warming up to the summer months.

To make this you’ll need a cocktail shaker, strainer, a small tumbler glass and a lighter.



To dazzle with the garnish, Josiah says: ‘Simply cut a piece of skin off an orange and hold an open flame, such as a lighter, to it for a couple of seconds.

‘As the rind begins to burn, squeeze the orange and you should get some flames.

‘Then, pop it in the drink and you’re good to go.’

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