The New Oreo Bark Is Hitting Stores in Two Flavors for the Ultimate Holiday Treat

Oreo really thrives during the holidays. Over the years, we’ve been graced with themed candy canes, a chocolate cookie house, and even ugly sweaters. Now the brand has partnered with Frankford Candy to launch Oreo Bark next month — and it’s not to be confused with the Oreo Peppermint Bark cookies.

The new Oreo Bark, as sent to Instagram account @markie_devo, comes in two flavors. For a more all-year-round taste, there’s the Cookies ‘n Cream. It starts with dark chocolate, layered with white chocolate, and topped with real Oreo pieces. For a more festive treat, the Peppermint also has those dark chocolate, white chocolate, and Oreo pieces, plus it’s filled with candy cane-like peppermint pieces.

The 2.5-ounce bars are decorated in snowflake packaging, so they’ll fit into our diets perfectly this winter (and make a great stocking stuffer). Both the Cookies ‘n Cream and Peppermint Oreo Barks will be available in November — although it’s unclear in which stores.

With a combination of chocolate, more chocolate, and cookies, we’re not sure how the Oreo Bark won’t be good. But, obviously, we’ll do a taste test … you know, just to be sure.

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