The McDonald's menu item that tastes better with a glass of wine

Most people like to enjoy a McDonald’s meal washed down with a Coca-Cola or milkshake.

But not Chris Cassell.

The wine connoisseur says that many McDonald’s menu items pair very nicely with certain tipples.

In fact, the 38-year-old is a firm believer that high-end booze isn’t just for fine dining. For example, a Big Mac goes rather nicely with a glass of red French Burgundy – according to Chris.

Likewise, McChicken Nuggets and a McChicken Sandwich go down very well with Champagne – although a bottle of this is likely to cost considerably more than your Maccies meal.

Then for dessert, Chris says a Sauternes – a sweet, white wine from Bordeaux, which costs about £40 – matches well with the £1.19 McDonald’s Apple Pie.

The expert says, ultimately, the key to finding the perfect pairing is all about balance.

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This is why Chris recommends fusing opposite flavours such as greasy fried chicken with a fresh wine with a higher acidity, like Champagne.

He said: ‘A good example is fish and chips. We usually add something contrasting like lemon or vinegar because it contrasts nicely with fried breaded fish.’

Chris hosts his own tasting events at Must and Lees wine shop and tasting room in Islington, North London, and orders items from Deliveroo to go with the booze.

He added: ‘We don’t all eat at Michelin-star restaurants most evenings.

‘But most of us, like myself, like to drink wine in the evenings.

‘I thought it would be interesting to focus on something you don’t traditionally have wine with.

‘There is a wine choice for anything you’re eating.’

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