The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is launching ‘Friends’-inspired coffee and tea drinks

“Friends” is officially turning 25 this year and to celebrate, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is partnering with Warner Bros. to launch special edition Central Perk coffee and tea drinks inspired by your favorite characters. 

Your favorite group of “friends” spent a good amount of time at the coffee shop, known as Central Perk. In what used to be a bar, it’s where Monica and Ross first reunite with Rachel (who’s supposed to marry Barry) and where Chandler introduces them to his new roommate, Joey. Needless to say, it was a major part of their lives.

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And if the show “Friends” has been a big part of your life (aka you’ve watched every season a couple of times), you can now celebrate your favorite gang with your coffee order. On July 31, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will start selling limited edition “Friends”-inspired specialty drinks, each named after a different character. They’ll be available through August 27 and include:

  • The Joey: Mango Cold Brew Tea 
  • The Monica: Midnight Mocha Cold Brew (combines cold brew and dark chocolate syrup)   
  • The Rachel: Matcha Latte 
  • The Ross: Classic Flat White
  • The Chandler: Caramel Coconut Latte (coconut and toasted caramel flavors mixed with espresso)
  • The Phoebe: Cookies and Cream Ice Blended (vanilla, espresso and chocolate cookie pieces blended)

Also, for those not near a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf location, starting Monday, July 22, the chain will start selling two ground coffee blends and tea online: Central Perk Medium Roast, Central Perk Dark Roast and Central Perk Citrus Berry Black Tea. They’ll also be selling two coffee mugs with the iconic phrases “We were on a coffee break” and “How you brewin’?” The at-home brewing items will also be available in coffee shops starting July 31 through the end of the summer.

So, which “friend” are you? You never know, maybe one day you’re a Ross, sipping on a standard flat white on the way to work, and the next you’re a Phoebe, sticking a straw in your cookies and cream blend and singing about a “Smelly Cat.” 

You can shop The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf “Friends” items below:

Central Perk Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee (12 oz)

$9.95Buy now!

Central Perk Medium Roast Ground Coffee (12 oz)

$9.95Buy now!

Central Perk Black Tea (20 ct)

$9.95Buy now!

Limited Edition Central Perk "We are on a Break" Mug

$19.95Buy now!

Limited Edition Central Perk "How You Brewin" Mug

$19.95Buy now!

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